Starlight Mesa

Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

6-21-17, 7:30

SP House


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Cynthia Smither (CS), Sylvia Paz (SP), Janet Edberg (JE), Albert Chang (AC)



Renovation requests:


Choi paint colors:  GG reviewed the request of Wayne and Soo Kim Choi to repaint their house.  The color scheme would be similar to the existing paint colors.  The Board approved the request.


KS Kim path in park:  SP advised that Jose Toribio had talked to the Kims.  They want a path of paving stones installed rather than a steel “bridge” over the drainage ditch so that KS Kim can access the park from her back gate.  Jose will take care of it.  The Kims have decided not to remove the trees at the front of their house.


Muriel Horacek roof:  CS reviewed Muriel Horacek’s proposal to replace her roof tiles.  She will use Boral Roofing Duralite composition tiles in Stone Mountain Blend color.  The Board approved the request.


Zekan solar: GG advised that the Zekans’ solar plans were not yet ready.  This request will be considered next month.




Ground squirrels:  GG noted that Chari Gilmore had raised concerns about a dead ground squirrel found in the pool.  SP said that they also are getting into attics in the neighborhood.  CS believes that they seek out the pool during the summer heat.  AC observed that fruit trees attract squirrels. SP will not plant fruit trees in the pool area.  GG said that the pool could be covered but since it is used frequently, neighbors would be opening and closing the cover regularly and the cover would be subject to significant wear.


Other: JE reported that she had received the sign for the steps down to the pool area and Jose will install it. SP reported that Jose will finish the hillside brush clearance this week; SP and JE will then walk around with Jose to review the work. 


Playgrounds: SP reported that Derrick Pan is working on the playground renovation plans, confirmed costs and reviewing whether we should use a professional installer or install the equipment ourselves and hire an inspector to certify proper installation.


Treasurer’s Report:


AC reported that as of 5-31 we had $24k in the operating account and $82k in the reserve account. Overall, we are on budget and delinquencies are low, with the exception of the one neighbor that never pays his dues (legal action is pending against this neighbor again). Water usage is up significantly this year – 3x last year. SP noted there was a problem with the sprinklers on Starlight Crest and a problem near the pool. AC said that several meters reported significantly higher usage this year than in prior years. SP will ask Jose to check.


Neighboring properties:


Construction on upper Stardust:  SP noted that there seems to be unpermitted construction underway of a structure behind houses in the Mesa but outside the HOA.  The city was asked to intervene but the people on the property claimed they didn’t know who was building the structure.  There does not seem to be a permit for the structure.  GG advised that the neighbor most affected by the illegal construction is probably in the best place to complain to the city; if the city does not act, the HOA can intervene.


Next Meeting:



7:30 p.m.

            SP house