Minutes of June 20, 2013 Board Meeting,

8:00 p.m. at the home of Chari Gilmore


Board Members Present: Glenn Cunningham, Chari Gilmore, <redacted>, Karen Levin &

Trang Tran

·         In response to the Bergen’s rejection of the language in a drafted license allowing them to maintain (plant and water) a small portion of SMHOA property between their back fence and the pool path, the Board decided to ask the Bergens to propose language.

·         The Starlight Mesa Homeowner’s Association’s Annual Partywill be on Saturday, September 7.  In the absence of requested feedback from the residents on suggested menu or activities, the Board is proceeding with plans including a variety of foods that appeal to the diverse cultures represented in the Mesa.

·         Glenn Cunningham volunteered to head up a neighborhood Watch group for the residents from Pali Point Lane to the bottom of Starlane.  The Board will solicit other volunteer leads and then contact the Sheriff’s department to set up an kick-off neighborhood watch meeting.

·         Finance Report

·         Cardinal Management has been delinquent in finalizing the 2011 Audit process and beginning the 2012 audit.  On the Board’s repeated instructions to Cardinal, the Auditor is in the midst of revising the 2011 Audit representation letter and Cardinal will issue it to the residents.

·         Awaiting confirmation from Cardinal that they have signed an engagement letter with the accountants to conduct a 2012 Audit.

·         Cardinal was contacted to insert the correct monthly water bill into the May financial statements.

·         Due to a cash flow issue in early June, the Board instructed Cardinal to temporarily pull funds from the Reserve to cover expenses.  These funds will be reimbursed to the Reserve fund in July with the influx of quarterly dues.  As a result, the Board has instructed Cardinal to start reporting actual spending variances against anticipated spending by month.  The anticipated spending will be calculated based on the 2013 approved budget with the spending rate determined by the weighted spending by month from previous years (e.g. hillside planting and brush clearance costs are usually realized in the first half of the year).

·         Maintenance: 

·         Hillside brush clearance to ~200 foot requirement (completed Saturday, June 8th)

·         Cleared clogged drain in pool house bar sink

·         Putting Green Park is once again gopher free.

·         Power washed all pool deck furniture (thanks to Karen for loan of power washer)

·         Set out umbrellas at pool

·         Installed two larger valves for sprinklers in Putting Green Park to provide better sprinkler coverage (Jose did installation; Karen procured valves)

·         Fielded concern by a homeowner that sprinklers were covered with grass and thereby ineffective

·         Restocked janitorial supplies at the pool (mop, cleaning solution, TP, hand towels)

·         Replaced two broken drip system filter assemblies above pool walkway

Plans for July

·         Install a hand washing faucet by the drinking fountain next to the tennis court

·         Move the tennis backboard more vertical in response to a couple of tennis players observations

·         Interact with a concrete contractor relative to repairs to the swales below Mariners View

·         Increase various watering times to summer schedule

·         Check sprinkler operation in all common areas

·         A brief discussion was tabled for recruiting any interested Board candidate to serve in 2014.

·         In anticipation of several new families moving into the Mesa in the near future based on the recent home sales, Chari Gilmore volunteered to create a welcome letter of information about the SMHOA.

·         Next Meeting:  June meeting will be held on Thursday, July 25 at 7:30 at the home of Karen Levin.

Chari Gilmore:  SMHOA, Secretary