Minutes of June 19, 2012 Board Meeting,

8:00 p.m. at the home of Tina Blum


Present: Joe Bergen, Tina Blum, Chari Gilmore, <redacated> and Trang Tran

Resident Attendees: Elisa Coleman, Michelle Kim, Delynn Russell, Anne Swanson


        The board reviewed the current use of the pool for parties.  Based on the fact that there was no increase in summer parties in June compared to last year, and many residents expressed their support of the current policy, the board determined there is not a need to impose further usage restrictions on the pool.

        The upgrade of the play equipment at the park at Starlight Crest Drive and Starlight Mesa Lane is on hold as the proposed commercial grade structure that was within budget is out of stock.

        Maintenance Report

        Brush clearance is 50% complete

        Approved improving the irrigation in the gardens outside of the white picket fence at the Starlight Crest Drive/Starlight Mesa Lane park.

        Reviewed and approved Treasurerís report. Securing recommendations and pricing from Cardinal for an outside accountant to conduct an annual audit of the SMHOA accounts.

        As many Boards have addressed over the years, the topic was raised regarding the annual cost of brush clearing Lot #93 at the end of Stardust Road.  The Board will reconvene at a later date to discuss ideas for minimizing or mitigating the cost of maintaining those acres.

       Date for the SMHOA Annual BBQ will be Saturday, September 15.  Save-the-dates will go out in a separate email.

        The next Board meeting is intended for Tuesday, July 24 at 8 pm at the home of Tina Blum.

Mesa business that occurred between the May and June Board meetings:

       Mesa residents were informed on June 8 that the SMHOA Board will take up the topic of roofing material at the next board meeting.  The Board will discuss at the July 24 meeting a proposed amendment to the Policy on Alterations of the Exterior Appearance of Homes to clarify roofing materials.


Chari Gilmore

SMHOA, Secretary