Minutes of June 18, 2011 Board Meeting,

9:00 AM at the Pool


Present:  Joe Bergen, Dirk Heinrich, Muriel Horacek, Jenny Kong,


The minutes of the May 24th meeting were approved.


Due to Mary’s absence, there was no Treasurer’s Report.  It was noted that one of the documents received from Cardinal was incomplete and not readable. Joe requested a correction. 


Dirk has not received an answer to his telephone request from Lot #1 as to insurance coverage of their encroachment on Mesa common property, and he will send them an email.


Dirk presented a letter received from Mrs. Pixler. (enclosed). Dirk will write to Mrs Pixler stating that the Board has no authority over mailboxes or property encroachment issues.


Dirk reported on restaurants from which he will request bids for the BBQ catering.  He will confirm exactly what they include as to waiters to help serve, plates and cutlery, etc.  It was agreed that in addition, we purchase ice cream, and Muriel offered to serve stewed strawberries as a topping.  Dirk is also checking the costs for the rental of tables and chairs.


Dirk reported on insurance premiums to cover items in the shed.  The Board agreed that if we are now covered for trees and shrubs, that that should be eliminated.  


Joe reported on bids to replace the fence around the gardeners’ shed.  The Board approved the bid of $6500 from Western Fence for a 6’ high vinyl fence.


Brush clearance is now underway.  There has been a slow start due to rain.


Joe and Jenny attended the hearing at the City of La Canada offices as to Mesa residents’ request for a stop sign at the corner of Starlane and Starlight Crest.  The decision was postponed. 


The next meeting will be at Mary’s house on July 24th.


Muriel Horacek, Secretary