Starlight MesaHomeowners Association

Board Meeting

5-8-15, 2:00

By phone



Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), John Andraos (JA), Sylvia Paz (SP), Derrick Pan (DP), Alex Benderskii (AB)


Hillside Brush Clearance:


SP advised that she had spoken to the fireman in charge of brush clearance.  The fire department regulations have not changed since last year.  Our clearance efforts are on time if started now and need to be finished by June 15th..  SP will call the FD and let them know when we are done.


Jose Toribio quoted $12,500 for the work this year, the same as last year.  DP noted that we had reserved that amount for the work in our budget for this year.  We got two other quotes last year, which were significantly higher.  Based on the past year’s bids, the Board agreed that getting additional bids this year would not be productive.  AB noted that Jose’s crew did a reasonable job last year.  After the work was completed, he did a walkthrough and pointed out things that needed to be fixed.  He will do the same thing this year. 


The Board unanimously approved retaining Jose Toribio to complete the hillside brush clearance project this year at a cost of $12,500.