Starlight Mesa HOA

Board Meeting Minutes

5-6-20, 7:30 p.m.

By Video Conference


Boards Present –Fred Esralian (FE), Elisa Fike Coleman (EFC), Glenn Cunningham (GC),

Also - Michael Stark (MS), Kim Eggleston (KE), Stephen Eggleston (SE), Laura Serdar (LS)


Secretary’s Note:  The minutes of the April 7, 2020, meeting were approved electronically by the Board members and posted on the Association’s website on April 22, 2020.


Alteration Issues

·         Removal of shrubs behind lot 56 in “area of common maintenance”:  MS requested approval to remove a section of Juniper shrubs from under a pine tree at the back of lot 56 in the area of common maintenance so as to improve the view of the Putting Green.  After a discussion of exactly which shrubs to be removed, the request was granted.  MS will bear the cost of the removal by Jose Toribio.  EC alerted Toribio of the approval.

·         Remodel/Rebuild on lot 4 (5332 Stardust Rd):

o   Remodel plans approved by Board in June 2018

o   Concern expressed by neighbors that plans had changed; original structure has been demolished; grading and trenching on the lot were underway today.

o   Owners Kim Eggleston and Stephen Eggleston, with their architect, Laura Serdar, participated in this meeting.  They (KE, SE, LS) explained that the City of La Canada-Flintridge rejected their original plans because it did not meet the side yard set-back requirements.  As a result, the new home had to be re-sited on the lot (rotated slightly), making it impossible to use the original slab.  The approved plans are nearly consistent with the originally approved floor plan with the exception of a relocated location of the front bay window, and a change of the roofing material from composition shingles to concrete tiles as required by the Mesa roofing policy.  The roof lines remain the same. The floor plan remains the same.  This situation does not require any re-evaluation by the Board and the original approval stands.

o   The Eggleston’s were encouraged to stay in close communication with their neighbors regarding the construction schedule and any inconveniences that it may cause the neighborhood and be mindful of their concerns.

o   The Eggleston’s agreed to provide the Board with updated construction drawings for the file.

o   The secretary will send a letter to Ms. Benoit to respond to her concerns. (AI20-001)

·         225 Mariners View – back fence move request

o   The new owner of 225 Mariners View has requested approval to move the back fence on the lot from the current position of the developer’s original fence at the edge of the “area for common maintenance” to the location of a set of fence posts installed by the previous owner, and has provided information on the construction, color and location relative to the property line as previously requested.

o   Due to the forthcoming issuance of the new Fence Policy, approval will be put on hold until compliance with the new policy is established.  The secretary will send a message to the homeowner advising him of this action. (AI20-002)



·         Hillside brush removal:

o   Toribio (Landscape Maintenance Contractor) reports that approximately the hillsides have been cleared. EC asks Toribio to provide a schedule for completion; GC stated it was desirable to have work completed by June 1st in order to meet the Fire Department’s usual inspection schedules. (AI20-003)

o   Work apparently started without the Board have reviewed the projected cost.  EC asked Toribio to send his cost estimate to Cardinal Management for review by the Board. (AI20-004)

·         Maintenance supplies (TP, paper towels, cleaning materials, dog poop bags, etc.) previous procured by a Board member, will now be procured by Toribio and the costs added to his monthly invoices.

·         A new sprinkler timer was installed by Toribio in the Putting Green.

·         There is small rip in the canvas on the gazebo adjacent to the tennis court.  EC will engage an awning company to repair. (AI20-005)

·         Upgrading sprinkler controllers to have rain sensors; Cardinal will be asked to have Toribio propose upgrades. (AI20-006)

·         Payment was authorized for the basketball court improvements

·         Upgrades to the lower playground equipment, and the potential procurement of new chairs and benches for the tennis court will be added to the agenda for the June Board meeting


Financial Status

·         Actuals as of March 31st:

o   Income: $19,548.00– on plan

o   Operating cash: $47,578.96

o   Reserves: $110,569.16

o   Expenditures: $24,382.84 – (Budget for the month of March: $17,745.15 - Landscape maintenance, pool maintenance, legal and auditing fees are over budget; For the year to date, total expenditures are ~$10K under plan)

·         Reserve Study:  The need to update the Reserve Study was discussed.  The pool is the biggest risk for reserves expenditure.  The Mesa does not have enough depreciated/aging assets to require an annual assessment.  No reserve study will be conducted this year.



·         There have been no reported security violations in the past month.

·         The city’s new security camera system and potential patrols will be added to the agenda for the June Board meeting.


New Board Members

·         Several inquires were made with negative responses.

·         The secretary will poll past board members for interest in serving again after the fence policy issues are completed. (AI20-007)


Executive Session


Next meeting

·         Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 7:30 pm

·         By video conference