Minutes of May 28, 2013 Board Meeting,

8:00 p.m. at the home of Glenn Cunningham


Board Members Present: Glenn Cunningham, Chari Gilmore, <redacted>, Karen Levin &

Trang Tran

Guest Presenter:  Connie Gilmore


·         As a member of the SMHOA Security and Safety volunteer committee, Connie Gilmore organized a Neighborhood Watch meeting with the residents of Mariners View Lane and lower Starlane.  Deputy Matejka of the La Crescenta Sherriff’s station spoke to 12 residents and provided insights on the recent break-ins in town and tips for reducing homeowner’s risk.  He provided two handouts which will be linked on the website:  Home Burglary Prevention Tips and a Home and Personal Security Handbook.


If anyone is interested in forming additional Neighborhood Watch groups, please let me know and we can put you in contact with the Sheriff’s office.  They strongly recommend that groups remain small as they are most effective when neighbors can recognize each other and their cars by sight…and thus identify someone or something that seems amiss.  However, we recognize the Mesa is a unique neighborhood where we are connected by common areas, neighborhood-wide events and email communications, and many of us have the opportunity to engage in neighborhood watch on our walks through the Mesa.  Basically, we are all better off keeping an eye on each other.


·         The Board reviewed and approved outside counsel’s revised draft of a proposed license between The Bergens and the Association allowing the Bergens to maintain (plant and water) a small portion of SMHOA property between their back fence and the pool path.  The license will be sent to the Bergens for their review.


·         The Board reviewed and approved the Durfee’s request to extend their backyard fence within their property along the hill path to the tennis court (up by Starlight Crest Drive).


·         Hold the Date:  The Starlight Mesa Homeowner’s Association’s Annual Party will be on Saturday, September 7.  If anyone has any ideas for food or entertainment, we welcome your input and are open to creating an entertainment committee if a few of you want to brainstorm ideas.  The turnout is always great for this wonderful opportunity to visit with neighbors and eat good food.


·         Finance Report

·         <redacted> continues to ask Cardinal to have the accountants who conducted the 2011 Audit to draft a management letter to issue to the residents.

·         Awaiting confirmation from Cardinal that they have issued a limited engagement letter to the accountants to conduct a 2012 Audit.

·         April expenses reviewed.  <redacted> to provide a deep dive into costs vs. budget for the remainder of the year.


·         Maintenance: 

·         Brush clearance.  Jose and the Toribio’s ground crew are in the midst of the Mesa’s annual brush clearance to reduce fire risk and keep us in compliance with the Fire Department’s regulations.


·         Next Meeting:  June meeting will be held on Thursday, June 20 at the home of Karen Levin.


Chari Gilmore:  SMHOA, Secretary