Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board of Governors Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2014, 7:30 p.m.

Levins’ House

Board Members:

Present – Karen Levin (KL), Alex Benderskii (AB), Derrick Pan (DP), Greg Goeckner (GG), John Andraos (JA)

Other Residents: – Charles Chung (CC), Tara Thacker (TT)

Chung/Thacker request to install solar panels:

CC and TT presented the plans for the installation of solar panels on the roof of their house. The panels will be placed on their flat roof with a control panel located on the side of the house near the electric panel or on the back corner of house.  Following discussion, the Board unanimously approved the proposal.

Maintenance report:

KL reviewed the status of the annual brush clearance project.  Following discussion of quotes for the work and due to the experience of our Mesa that Jose Toribio has, he was unanimously approved to complete the work.

KL also reported that a pipe had broken in the swimming pool solar heating system due to wind damage.  She called several vendors and (with the approval of the Board) ultimately selected the original installer (Dave Green, now at Solar Electrical Systems) to perform the repairs for just over $500.  There is very little competition for repairing solar heating systems like this.  KL also reported that a tree near the solar heating system needs to be removed (at a future date) to prevent further damage to the system.

KL discussed the need for repairs to the swimming pool.  Several Board members (KL and AB and their families) cleaned up the pool area in early May.  They noted that cracks have developed in the pool deck.  AB suggested that the cracks were superficial and could be filled or that deck coating like that used around the pool house could be applied to the area.  AB and JA will look at various options for the pool and get bids for the Board to review at a future meeting.

KL noted that the lights in the putting green park area were not working.  The Board visited the area and agreed to investigate the history of the lights to determine the best course of action.  (See following report on ‘Trespassing in Children’s Park and Pool’.)  Following the meeting, AB recommended (and the Board approved) replacing the lights with similar solar-powered lights from Home Depot. 

GG reported that he had received a complaint about the upkeep of the front yard of one of the houses in the neighborhood.  KL asked Jose Toribio to check all of the front lawns and he had confirmed that all of the irrigation systems are working.  However, homeowners are responsible for keeping their laws irrigated.

JA advised that he had looked at a gazebo kit at Costco that might be a viable alternative to the options previously considered.  The kit is made of steel and has rods to bolt the gazebo into the ground.  The existing gazebo would need to be taken out.  Once the new gazebo is installed, the Board would decide on furniture to go under the gazebo.

KL advised that she also would look for permanent trashcans for the pool area.

Treasurer¹s Report:

DP reviewed the HOA’s financial status.  The accounts are in good shape, with $40,000 in the reserve account. 

DP reviewed the proposal to proceed with a collection action against the delinquent family for unpaid HOA dues.  The Board unanimously approved the collection action.  GG will obtain an update from counsel on the action.

DP reviewed the status of the annual audit of the HOA’s books.  As authorized, he had signed the engagement letter and the auditors’ draft report was being circulated for review.  DP anticipates that the audit will result in a clean opinion.

Trespassing in Children¹s Park and Pool:

GG reviewed complaints he had received about non-resident teenagers playing in these areas.  After discussion, the Board agreed that residents should be alert to non-residents using these common areas.  The Board also will look into better lighting for these areas.

Approval of Project to Revise CCRs:

GG advised that counsel had estimated legal fees of $6,000-$7,000 to update the HOA’s CCRs.  After discussion, the Board unanimously agreed to proceed with this project.  GG will follow up with counsel and solicit ideas from homeowners on improvements needed.

Revised Satellite Dish Policy:

The Board discussed and unanimously approved the revised satellite dish policy.

Earthquake Insurance:

DP confirmed that he had reviewed the HOA’s insurance coverage and that it does not include earthquake insurance risks.  JA estimated that earthquake coverage should be relatively inexpensive.  He noted that the pool is not covered at all, except for liability.  He suggested that we seek a quote for earthquake insurance from our State Farm agent.  DP will follow up.

Next Meeting:

June 23, 2014, 7:30 p.m. at JA’s house.