Minutes of Board Meeting, May 26, 2010

7:30 PM at the pool

Present:  Board members Joe Bergen, Muriel Horacek, Scott Swanson, and Steven Low

Minutes from the April 24th meeting were approved.

There was no treasurerís report because John Kim was not present, and we did not receive the April Financials from TMEI.

It was requested that the secretary post an agenda of the Mesa Board meetings on our website, and request that if any member wishes to add an item that it be given to the secretary five days before the next meeting.

On May 17th a letter was sent to Mesa resident Deuk Lee and his architect Sam Oh which stated that the Mesa Board gave conditional approval for the demolition to begin, but construction cannot start until the revised plans are approved by the City.  (letter attached below)

The Board received an Alternative Dispute Resolution from four neighbors of Deuk Lee concerning their renovation plans.  The Resolution was withdrawn on May 23rd.

Scott received a check from Mike Davis for $300, in payment for the fine imposed for not requesting approval from the Board for the installation of solar panels on his roof.

Joe is exploring the use of goats to clear brush on Lot 93, the large hillside between Lower Stardust and Mariners View, to lower the cost of mandatory brush clearance.  The rest would then be done by our regular gardeners as an extra assignment.   If all of the brush clearance was done by our gardeners the cost would be $12,500.

We set the date of Saturday, September 11th for our annual BBQ.  Steven will research various catering options.

The next meeting of the Board will be on Thursday, June 24th at 7:30 PM at the pool.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary

Mr. Lee and Mr. Oh:

The Starlight Mesa HOA Board of Governors conditionally grants your request to begin demolition at 5209 Diamond Point Road. The conditional approval is given purely for the convenience of your project schedule, and is conditional on the following:

1- The renovation of the home at 5209 Diamond Point Road is to be based on the revised roof plan as illustrated in the revised elevations submitted to the Board by Mr. Oh on April 30, 2010.

2- The City of La Canada must approve the revised plans. If the City of La Canada does not approve the revised plans, all work will cease while City of La Canada mandated revisions are considered by the Board.

3- Permission is for demolition only. The City of La Canada Planning Commission and Building and Safety approval of revised plans must occur before construction on footings, structure, etc commences.

4- Mr. Lee or his representatives do not hold the Board liable for any defects or inaccuracies in building plans submitted to and conditionally approved by the Board.

5- Mr. Lee or Mr. Oh must submit the City of La Canada approved revised plans based on the new elevations of April 30, 2010 to the Board to remove conditions of the Board's approval.

6- Commencement of demolition constitutes acceptance of the above conditions of approval.

The Board expresses its thanks to Mr. Lee and Mr. Oh for abiding by the CC&Rs and our agreements regarding this project. We wish Mr. Lee much success with the renovation and happiness in his new home.

Starlight Mesa HOA Board of Governors