Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

May 22, 2018



1. Present

a. Board: Albert Chang, Cynthia Smither, Janet Edberg, Mike Sagarian

b. Guests: Jose Toribio, Hanjoo Kim


2. Maintenance

a. Hillside Clearance

i. Annual hillside brush clearance will begin week of May 28


ii. Will take another look at tree trimming needs behind Starlane Dr after

hillside brush clearance


b. Workers Compensation Insurance

i. JT: Workers compensation insurance is in progress. Provided

documentation that he is working with insurance companies to get

assessed and quoted.


c. Playground Vote Results and Next Steps

i. Assessment required a majority to vote yes, and it passed. 71 ballots

returned to us, of which 43 were YES votes and 25 were NO votes. There

were 3 ballots that were ineligible because the homeowner did not follow



ii. Cardinal will be sending out a notice to the owners of the results and the

assessment due 7/1/18.


iii. If homeowners need payment arrangements they can contact board and

we will work something out


iv. MS will contact vendor to get work started asap. Will give them CSs

name as day-to-day project manager and contact.


d. Other

i. Some residents are not picking up after their dogs. Email will be sent to

those homeowners.


ii. Pool project - CS will reach out to Joe Bergen to see if he would be

interested in project managing this project, due to his experience with and

knowledge of the project. MS will have another contractor take a look at

the project.


3. Renovation Requests

a. Jung Yun and Keum Soon Kim have requested to trim and/or remove trees on

their property. Board has no objections.


4. Treasurer Report

a. Reserves: $99,248

b. Operating: $56,508

c. Tracking to budgets with slight surplus

5. Annual Picnic Date

a. Tentatively scheduled for Sunday, October 7, 2018


6. Next Meeting

a. Wednesday June 27th at 7:30pm @ Cynthias