Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

May 14, 2007

At the home of Muriel Horacek

Present:     Joe Bergen

                 Charles Berryman        

                  Christian Jagenberg                                        

                  Dayton Jones

                 Muriel Horacek

                 Steve Gutierrez, SMG

                 Mike Sagarian for the beginning of the meeting

--Dr. Sagarian presented plans that he and his wife, Robina Golian, have for remodeling the house they purchased at 162 Starlight Crest Drive.  The Board approved the plans.

--The minutes of the last meeting were approved, with corrections.

--The Treasurer reported that quite a few residents were behind in their quarterly fees, entailing extra work for SMG in their collection.

--The bill from Jose Toribio for planting the hillside was approved as follows:

       Cleanup & preparing slope for new plantings                                    $1300.00

       Installing new sprinkler line & redoing existing one                          $1245.00

       Ground cover plants and labor                                                            $2236.35

--Dayton reported that approval was given by the City of La Canada to remove an oak tree that is on Mesa common property near a retaining wall on the property at 5037 Merita Place.  It was decided that the required replacement tree will be planted on the putting green where a dead tree was recently removed. 

--The bill from Jose Toribio to remove the oak tree (without root removal) and olive tree at Merita Place, if done at the time of brush removal, was approved at $764.

--Approval was given for Dayton to purchase an umbrella for the pool patio, replacing one that was broken last year.

--Charles questioned the coverage and endorsements of our insurance policy, and will contact the insurance agent for clarification.

--Christian will contact La Canada Country Club to reserve a room for our annual meeting for Thursday, November 15, 2007.


Muriel Horacek, Secretary