Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

 May 10, 2005




                    Tina Blum

                    Muriel Horacek

                    Maynard Morris

                    Hank Smither

                    Mark Goddard, Maintenance Assistant


1.  Minutes of April 12th meeting were approved.


2.  Treasurer’s Report: 

          --Lease agreement on Sookie Mathews’ landscaping on Mesa property will be sent to her, with the $1 per year fee waived for 2005.

          --No word yet on new water rates


3.  Maintenance:

          --Jose has informed us that all front lawns will be fertilized on Monday, May 16.  The May newsletter should advise residents to water the lawn as soon as possible after the fertilizing, to minimize the risk of burning.

          --on April 30th Hank, Maynard and Jose visited the sites of mud slides, and bids will be submitted for shoring up the hillsides and repairing culverts.  A bid was also requested for brush clearance in compliance with fire department and Department of Agriculture regulations.

          --work has been completed on the sprinkler behind Gordon Wood’s home


4.  There was extensive discussion on vandalism in the Mesa: 

          --Jose will repair the benches in the children’s park on the corner of Starlight Mesa Lane and Starlight Crest Drive

          --at the same park, Jose will repair sprinkler heads which were damaged by skateboarders and/or bikers

          --chairs and other patio furniture had been thrown into the pool, and broken beer bottles were on the cement surrounding the pool

          --the May newsletter should urge residents to inform any board member of any destructive behavior in the Mesa area, and also of any non-residents in the pool & tennis area not accompanied by a resident


5.  Hank has installed a solar light system in front of 239 Starlight Crest Drive.  The Board will consider stalling the same system on the lamps on the Green. 


The next meeting of the Board will be Tuesday, June 14th at 7:30 PM at the home of Hank Smither, 203 Starlight Crest Drive.


Respectfully submitted,



Muriel Horacek