Starlight Mesa HOA

Board Meeting Minutes

4-7-20, 7:30 p.m.

By Video Conference


Present –Fred Esralian (FE), Elisa Fike Coleman (EFC)

Also – Chris Garnic (CG), Glenn Cunningham (GC)


Board Members:

·         FE reported that he had received the resignation of Board member Greg Goeckner, due to his work schedule being overly constraining at the current time.  Goeckner agreed to help out with projects in the future.


·         FE asked GC to replace Goeckner as the Secretary for the rest of the year.  GC agreed as long as responsibilities are limited to secretarial duties and exclude any maintenance related activities.   Janet Edberg will continue to be the interface with Jose Toribio (gardening contractor).   There are still only three Board members.


·         Due to the limited number of Board members, residents will be asked to direct their service requests to Cardinal Management rather than to Board members.  Notices to this effect will be posted on the SMHA website and the SMHA Facebook pages.


·         A search for two additional Board members will continue.


Landscaping issues:

·         Because there have been complaints about the sprinkler systems being on when it is raining, we will investigate changing out all the sprinkler controllers to ones with rain detection sensors.


Common Area Renovations:

·         Basketball area repairs in the lower playground will consist of replacing the hoop and repainting the lines for an approved amount of $4300.  An option for repainting the entire court area in addition to the line would cost $6900 was not selected.

·         The awning in the gazebo has a rip that needs repairing.



·         There have been no reported recent burglaries in and near Mesa.

FE – investigation of options for security patrols is continuing.


E-mail Distribution Lists:

·         GC will validate the e-mail distribution lists to assure that all new residents are included.


Fence Issue:

·         A letter to all residents outlining the resolution of the fence issues will be distributed shortly.


Executive Session


Next meeting

·         Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 7:30 pm

·         By video conference