Starlight Mesa

Homeowners Association

Board Meeting


4-26-17, 7:30 p.m.

SP house


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Sylvia Paz (SP), Albert Chang (AC), Janet Edberg (JE), Cynthia Smither (CS)

Also – Trang Tran (TT)


Renovation requests:


Trang Tran - solar panels:  TT reviewed her proposal to install solar panels on her house.  The panels will only be on the back and side of the roof, so not visible from the street.  The panels will be flush to the roof.  The panels will be black, high grade/more efficient and therefore requiring fewer panels.  The electrical panel for the solar power will be located right next to the existing electrical panel on the side of the house and not visible from the street.  The Board approved the proposal.


Durfee flagstones:  The Board discussed the placement of flagstones by the Durfees on their lower lot near the sidewalk leading down to the pool and agreed that this was appropriate within the common maintenance area on the owner’s lot.


KS Kim requests:  The Board discussed two requests from Jason Kim on behalf of his mother, KS Kim – to add pavers from her back gate into the common area and to remove several large trees in her front yard.  GG advised that the Kims want to put flagstones into the park to allow her wheelchair access to the park.  There is no common maintenance area on the Kims lot so that is not an issue.  SP noted that the path would have to be fairly wide and asked if it would be possible to get a drawing of the planned path. Do the Kims want to connect the path to the existing sidewalks?  GG will follow up.  Regarding the trees, SP noted that the trees are on the side of the house, in the front. CS went to look at them and didn’t see why they would want to remove these trees.  GG noted that generally the Board is opposed to removing trees in neighborhood front yards if they are not diseased or dead.  GG will ask for more information.


Risley solar panels:  GG reviewed the proposal from the Risleys to add solar panels to their house.  He will follow up with them on the location of the electric panel and whether the solar panels will be flush to the roof.  Provided that the answers are consistent with existing solar panel approvals, the Board approved the proposal.


Kelly Kim house:  SP noted that the house on the corner of Pali Point and Starlane had not covered their water heater as promised earlier.         GG will follow up with them and find out the status of these renovations.




Pool operator requirements:  GG advised that he had checked the swimming pool signs in connection with a notice of violation several months earlier.  He added the maximum number of occupants but the signs otherwise appeared to be in order.  He noted that we had also been given a form to register a “pool operator,” which we have never had.  SP noted that the pool cleaning company comes once a week - Blue Water Pools.  CS will reach out to them and find out if they fulfil the role of pool operator.


General:  SP confirmed with Jose Toribio that the community wiring and piping near the Levins’ fence were no longer needed.  Jose changed the old sprinkler valves around the pool area.  A valve broke this past Saturday – Jose repaired it.  The junipers were removed along Starlight Crest near the JPL gate.  JE has spoken to a sign company about a sign for the steps down to the pool/tennis court area – they can make a metal sign for $98.  She will ask Printefex if they can make it cheaper.  The Board approved up to $100 for this sign. 


Hillside Brush Clearance:  SP advised that the annual hillside brush clearance needs to start soon.  Due to the rains, there will be a lot of brush this year so the cost quoted by Jose is $16,500, higher than in prior years. AC advised that the budget for brush clearance was $13k and that had been increased already due to the rains. GG observed that Jose’s prices are always reasonable and we have no choice but to complete this work as it is a fire department requirement. AC advised that we may have to cut back tree trimming later in the year as a result.  The Board approved the brush clearance work for $16,500.


Treasurer’s Report:


AC reported that the annual audit is complete.  The tax returns have been filed.  As discussed earlier, we need to do a reserve study.  The operating fund is slightly lower than recommended.  The reserve fund had been significantly underfunded.  The audit recommends $100k and we now have $79k and are adding $1500/month.  The operating account had $22k at the end of March.  We are generally on budget, although we have spent the entire amount budgeted for legal expenses already this year.  AC reviewed the status of delinquencies in paying HOA dues; reminders have been sent as appropriate.


Playground renovation project:


SP reported that Derrick Pan had agreed to take over this project.  He talked to Brent Tweddle and SP and agreed to confirm that the existing quotes for the playground equipment are still valid.  We still need to determine whether we pay a company to install the equipment – getting assurance that it is up to code – or install it ourselves and have an inspector come to certify that it meets code requirements.  We should get a ballot out for approval to get this work completed and not wait for the pool project, which is likely to take more time.  The Board approved proceeding with a special assessment ballot for the playground renovations.


Pool renovation project:


            GG advised that he was waiting to hear from possible new leaders for this project.




GG advised that he had received a complaint from a neighbor that another neighbor was letting their dog swim in the HOA pool.  This is a violation of the pool rules.  GG will send a note to remind them of this rule.


Scheduling Annual Picnic:


GG brought up scheduling the annual picnic this year.  It will be the 50th anniversary of the community.  The Board discussed an appropriate date for the picnic.  GG will look at dates in October – preferably a Sunday with no conflicts.


Next Meeting


            May 22, 2017

            7:30 p.m.

            SP house