Minutes of April 26, 2012 Board Meeting,

8:00 p.m. at the home of Chari Gilmore


Present: Joe Bergen, Chari Gilmore, and Trang Tran

Guest:  Glenn Cunningham, Mesa Webmaster

        SMHOA Website:  Glenn continues to research companies to password protect the website to a level that meets with the Boardís approval.

        The intended agenda item re: the policy on roofing material was postponed until all Board members could be present:

        Sand continues to cause clogs to the water fountain at the tennis courts.  Residents will be reminded not to wash off sandy hands or items in the fountain.

       Nighttime pool, tennis and basketball court visitors continue to trespass after hours, leaving behind garbage, cigarette butts and misusing Mesa property.  The board is considering several security measures to discourage or identify trespassers.

        A resident informed the Board she continues to have an issue with clarifying a back payment issue with Cardinal Management.  Board decided to help facilitate communication between the resident and Cardinal.

        Between Board meeting update:  Cardinal Management responded that a clerical error occurred  during the transfer of the financials from the previous management company.  The residentís account has been cleared of all past due claims.

       Playground at the Corner of Starlight Crest Drive and Starlight Mesa Lane:  Final decision on upgrading the equipment was postponed until we have insight into all costs, as well as the costs for tennis court renovation and replacement of the broken private sidewalk to the putting green.  Boardís intention is to financially plan for long-term refreshes to the neighborhood.

        Reviewed and approved Treasurerís report.

        The next Board meeting is intended for Wednesday, May 30 at 8pm at the home of Tina Blum.

Chari Gilmore, Secretar