Minutes of Board Meeting, April 24, 2010

at 11:00 AM at the home of Muriel Horacek


Present:  Board members Joe Bergen, Muriel Horacek, John Kim, Scott Swanson, and Steven Low

Minutes from the March 27th meeting were approved.

John Kim reported that TMEI has sent warning notices to residents delinquent on their SMHOA payments.

A letter from Marilynn Pixler to TMEI was forwarded to the Board and will be added to these minutes. She requested no specific action, so none was taken. .

Joe reported that rather than call a plumber he was able to fix the children’s fountain near the tennis court.  It was clogged with sand and wouldn’t drain, resulting in a leak in the pipe underneath.

A request from Ann Bergen, leader of a Girl Scout troop, which includes four Mesa girls, to have a camp-out on the putting green on May 22 following a pool party, was approved.  The girls will set up the tents, there will be no campfires or cookouts on the green, and bedtime will be at 10:00 PM.  Several parents will be sleeping with the girls.

After discussion, the Board concluded that Article X of the CC&Rs required uniform enforcement. It was moved, seconded and approved that a minimum fine of $100 for a minor infraction of Article X, Section 2 of the CC&Rs, and a minimum fine of $300 for a major infraction of said rules, be imposed on Mesa residents.  Article X, Section 2 of the CC&Rs requires Board approval for any exterior change to a house. Fines would be imposed when the Board becomes aware of the violation. The Board does not want to function as the Article X police. 

The Board does not want to nor does it recommend that future Boards become intruding. It takes note of the history of Article X requests in the Mesa and the rarity for a request not to be approved.  The occasional disapproval usually requires only a minor change in the plans to make it acceptable.  When significant changes to size and structure are requested, neighboring residents' viewpoints on the project may be solicited by the Board. This is not to imply that neighboring property owners have veto or any other approval authority over the project. 

In a related matter, it has been called to the Board’s attention that Michael Davis and Mary Freeman, at 5213 Diamond Point Road, installed solar panels on their roof without requesting Board approval, in accordance with Article X, Section 2 of the Starlight Mesa CC&Rs.  Even though this alteration to the exterior of their home occurred several years ago, it came to this Board's attention only recently during the January 2010 Board meeting within a discussion of a different property owner’s application for approval of a renovation project under Article X. The Board discussed the need for equitable treatment of all residents and approved that the Davis' be fined $300.

A discussion with Deuk Lee, homeowner of 5209 Diamond Point Road, and his architect, Sam Oh, is ongoing. Joe Bergen discussed the possibility of a compromise solution and the modification of the original plans, submitted to the Board and rejected, existing.  Loose parameters of an acceptable compromise were discussed. 

On March 30, the Board approved by unanimous email to downsize two more water meters from one-and-one-half inches to one-inch.  Since water charges are based on the meter size, the $600 cost to change each meter would be recouped after thirteen months.  Since Mesa Crest Water has significantly increased water rates, this should result in considerable savings. 

The next meeting of the Mesa Board will be on Wednesday, May 26 at 7:30 PM at the pool.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary