Minutes of April 23, 2013 Board Meeting,

8:00 p.m. at the home of <redacted>


Board Members Present: Glenn Cunningham, Chari Gilmore, <redacted>, Karen Levin &

Trang Tran


·         Outside counsel is reviewing a proposed agreement between The Bergens and the Association allowing the Bergens to maintain (plant and water) a small portion of SMHOA property between their back fence and the pool path.


·         Finance Report

·         March financials reviewed.  Glenn flagged a few expense items that had been posted to incorrect accounts: <redacted> advised Cardinal to correct.

·         <redacted> to work with Cardinal to issue the letter of approval and final 2011 Audit.  Additionally, <redacted> will advise Cardinal to hire accountants to complete the 2012 Audit.

·         <redacted> to instruct Cardinal to flag if there is a funding issue regarding covering the timely payment of a check so the Board can determine if the payment should be temporarily covered by the Reserve until a new round of HOA payments can reimburse the Reserve.


·         Maintenance:  Glenn reviewed the below maintenance projects:

·         April 2013

·         Completed mulching on hill above Stardust Rd

·         Installed tennis court backboard

·         Cleaned and set out poolside furniture before Spring Break week (4/1)

·         Enabled hot water heater in pool house for Spring Break week

·         Checked operability of irrigation systems

·         Set watering systems to early spring schedules

·         Repaired pool side drinking fountain to eliminate leaking water

·         Cleaned out drain system of tennis court side drinking fountain

·         Tried to trap gopher/mole in the putting green park

·         Got verbal bid for brush clearance from Jose Toribio ($12,000 - base cost)

·         Repaired sprinkler controller for children’s play park

·         Replaced pool safety equipment (ring buoy, throw line, sheppard’s crook)

·         Replaced yellow jacket traps at pool

·         Completed inspection of swales

·         Got bid(s) for gazebo repair/replacement

·         Pool service frequency to twice per week

·         Replace drip irrigation filter on hillside above pool area walkway from Starlane

·         Plans for May

·         Get bids for work on swales system

·         Trim palm trees by pool

·         Fertilize crape myrtle plants in children’s play park

·         Increase watering to late spring schedule

·         Kill pampas grass prior to brush clearance


·         Security and Safety Committee Findings

·         The committee “held a virtual meeting” in April to discuss the below recommendations and findings regarding the general safety of the neighborhood including:

·         Small Neighborhood Watch clusters activated with guidance from the Sheriff’s department.  Connie Gilmore will set up the first of these meetings in May for the residents of Mariner’s View.  Learnings from this meeting will be shared with all the neighbors.

·         Encourage people to know, interact with and keep an eye on their neighbors.

·         Provide comprehensive security guidelines to all residents and include it on the website

·         Surveillance systems including cameras do not seem a practical solution due to location, maintenance, system support and cost.  The common areas would be easiest to install, but they are not the problem.  A central camera watching the one entrance into the Mesa is not on Mesa property, so would require city approval to install and maintain (and since it needs a power source, also likely easily rendered useless).

·         Hiring a security patrol company would not likely be effective


·         Mesa Business Between the February and March Meetings

·         Board approved the Clinton’s request for a north side fence replacement.


·         Next Meeting:  April meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 28 at 8pm at the home of Glenn Cunningham.


Chari Gilmore:  SMHOA, Secretary