Starlight Mesa HOA

Board Meeting

4-22-14, 7:30

Board Members:

Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Alex Benderskii (AB), Karen Levin (KL), Derrick Pan (DP)

Not Present – John Andraos (JA)

Residents Present - Jim Mulligan (JM), Iu-Choi Chan (ICC)

HOA Insurance Coverage:

JM asked about the insurance coverage maintained by the HOA.  The CCRs call for a  $100k limit of liability coverage, which he felt was too low.  GG advised that he believed that the current coverage has $2m limits of liability and that legal costs for defense are on top of that limit.  DP advised that the coverage is through State Farm and that he would review the policy and provide further details at the next Board meeting.  JM agreed that State Farm is a good company.

JM suggested that the Board should look into updating the CCRs as they contain many outdated provisions such as this.  The Board will review the procedures to update the CCRs.


AB advised that Jose Toribio had finished work removing, trimming and replacing the palm trees around the pool area.  He noted that new cracks had been observed in the pool deck, which will need to be patched.  KL will ask the pool maintenance company for recommendations to repair the cracks.  JM will get a bid from Behr Construction.

The Board plans to conduct a cleanup at the pool on Saturday May 3rd at 2 p.m. 

KL will go to the fire station to check on requirements for brush clearance this year.

AB reported that he had spoken to city hall about parking around the corner at the intersection of Starlight Crest and Starlane.  The city advised that California law prohibits parking at intersections and they will monitor the corner for violations.

Treasurer’s Report:

DP reported that the Association’s finances were in good shape.  As of the end of March, the bank account has a net balance of about $20k and the reserve account has $39k.  The bank balances should go up once pending dues payments are received. 

The auditor has sent an engagement letter, which DP will execute; the audit should be done by the end of the second quarter.

DP noted that one resident has not paid dues in over a year and owes about $2100.  Cardinal filed a lien on this property on January 14th.  Multiple letters have been sent and DP has left several messages without response.

KL raised the subject of earthquake insurance.  JM stated that he thinks such coverage is essential for the pool.

Satellite Dish Policy:

GG reviewed the existing HOA satellite dish policy adopted in 2000.  The policy was based on FCC rules in effect at the time, which delineated the allowable regulations by HOAs of the subject.  However, the FCC rules have been amended since the Starlight Mesa rules were adopted.  GG has prepared a draft revised version of the Starlight Mesa satellite dish rules to track the current FCC regulations.  The other Board members will review the draft and discuss it at the May meeting. 

Other Business:

The Board deferred action on the gazebo renovation, Mesa sign, pool renovation bid and earthquake insurance to the May meeting.

Next meeting – May 27, 2014, 7:30 p.m. – Levins’ house