Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

4-19-16, 7:30 p.m.

SP House


Present – Sylvia Paz (SP), Kirk Gerbracht (KG), Brent Tweddle (BT), Cynthia Smither (CS), Greg Goeckner (GG)

Also – Glenn Cunningham (GC)




Tree planting program:  SP reported that the tree planting was completed for this year.  We planted 6 trees - 3 in the putting green park and 3 on Starlight Crest adjacent to JPL.  The neighbors were all OK with the tree placements.  We also replaced 2 bushes.  Last year there were 2 dead trees in the putting green park – one was removed last year.  The other needs to be removed this year. Jose Toribio quoted $675 for this work (removing one dead tree and planting 2 new bushes).  The Board unanimously approved this work.


Children’s Park Renovations:  BT reported that Ronnie Siegel came to talk about options for the Children’s Park.  CS asked about the possibility that JPL would move its fence further into the Park.  BT said we will keep everything new in the Park clearly on our side of the property line.  The goal is to keep costs down while complying with applicable codes and making some improvements to the facilities.  We would dig out the broken concrete around the tetherball set; the tetherball would be relocated someplace in the same general area and we would use engineered wood fiber around the base of the tetherball set.  We would also repair the swings, would keep the existing climbing structure and would add a smaller climbing structure for younger children and one more bench.  Playground equipment is available in commercial grade or discount-store quality for home use.  The total cost should be $10-12k.  SP emphasized that we want to bring the equipment up to code but not to install the most expensive new equipment.  We will need Ronnie’s advice in this process.   BT and SP will assemble quotes for the improvements and will get more advice from Ronnie who offered 2 hrs. of free consultation and then will come back with a detailed plan for review.


Swimming pool renovation committee:  SP had spoken to GC about reviving the pool renovation committee.  GC advised that the was happy to consult on the pool renovations but would be travelling and so could not lead the effort.  The main work will be replacing the old pipes but we need to decide what other work should be done at the same time.  For example, he noted that there had been suggestions to reconfigure the pool to make it shallower.  There have also been proposals to have a BBQ area and other amenities in the pool area.  The community needs to come up with a unified plan for the renovation and then get bids based on our community’s desires for the pool.  Construction should be done over the winter due to the risk of damage to the shell from the reported underground spring.  It is likely that the pool work can be funded partly from the reserve fund but will also require the community to approve a special assessment.  The Board discussed members of the community who might be willing to serve on this committee.  GG will send an e-mail to the community and solicit interest, seeking people who use the pool regularly and engineers and business managers who are familiar with project management.


Concrete Work:  SP reviewed the quotes for concrete work.  In addition to the quotes discussed at the last meeting, she got a quote from Mike Prescott - remove concrete at tetherball - $1500, fix putting green sidewalks - $1600 or 2800 (depending on extent), fix culvert – $1000.  BT said that we should have a licensed contractor for the sidewalk fixes.  He suggested letting Cardy’s worker handle the culvert repair.  He asked how urgent the culvert repair is.  SP said it could create more erosion with heavy rains.  GG noted that this year’s rains are over and that we are expecting a dry winter next year.  It is on our list of priorities but we have other things that are higher priority.  We should make sure it is fixed before we expect heavy rains again.  The Board agreed.  SP will try to fix the broken walkway in the putting green for $1,200.  BT proposed waiting for a comprehensive renovation plan for the Children’s Park before removing that concrete.


Gardeners Shed:  BT reported that the hinges have fallen off and the latches are broken on the enclosure for the gardeners’ shed.  The company that installed the enclosure quoted $280 to fix it; he needs to order custom parts.  The Board approved this repair.


Renovation requests:


General Approval Guidelines:  The Board discussed the recent history of homeowners failing (often apparently through oversight) to seek prior approval for renovations and what penalties should be assessed for those failures.  GG will follow up with the Hillers about their non-conforming roof.  He also noted that some homeowners appeared to be changing their front yard landscaping without Board approval.  SP noted that the KS Kim house appeared to be undergoing major renovations without approval.  Interior renovations do not require approval but a front wall had been taken down.  In the past, the Davises were fined for failing to get approval for solar panels.  GC said that the Board needs to assert the community renovation rules strongly; they are a good set of guidelines.  BT suggested sending an e-mail reminding all neighbors of the rules and the potential for fines.  GC noted that in cases of violations in the past, the Board had placed liens on the non-conforming houses so that they could not be sold until the violations were remedied.  GG will send an e-mail reminding everyone of the rules.  BT emphasized that the Board needs to be fair to everyone.


HJ Kim note:  BT asked GG about Mr. Kim’s inquiry.  GG responded that he was puzzled by Mr. Kim’s note since it did not match his recollection and that he needed to look back at his notes to make sure of the sequence of events and then he will respond to him.


Treasurer’s Report:


Audit:  KG reported that he had received the draft audit report and provided the representation letter to GG to sign and send back to the CPA.  (GG subsequently signed the letter and provided it to KG.)


Financial Report:  KG noted that the bank statements were coming very slowly.  He will talk to Peter Ryan.  Following the meeting, he received a current statement, which shows the Operating Fund Balance as of 3-31-2016 as $19,272.41 and the Reserve Fund Balance as of 3-31-2016 as $65,235.61.


Other Matters:


National park study:  GG noted the recent release of the study for the Rim of the Valley national park expansion.  The boundary line on the draft map includes about half of the Starlight Mesa neighborhood (and all of JPL).  BT suggested that these boundaries would be refined later in the process.  GG will contact Rep. Schiff’s office about the boundary.


Annual picnic:  GG asked whether the annual picnic should be in August this year?  Last year the weather was very hot and attendance was much lower than reservations.  GC advised that the date has varied over the years.  KG said we can easily move the date by 30 days. SP will ask around about which neighbors had organized the Korean BBQ several years ago, as that was a very popular event and it would be good to repeat it.


Next meeting

            May 25, 2016 (subsequently changed to May 18, 2016)

            7:30 p.m.

            SP house