Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

 April 12, 2005




          2005 Board Members:

                    Tina Blum

                    Muriel Horacek

                    Maynard Morris

                    Henry Smither


1.  Minutes of March 8th meeting approved, with correction of item #5 being $1100 for tax preparation.


2.  Treasurer’s report: 

          --re: collection of fees:  due 15th of each month, although most pay quarterly;  after 30 days 10% late fee is added; after 60 days a letter is sent; after 90 days a lien may be filed but only with Board approval


          --$52,673.40 was deposited at Bank of America in La Cañada                              for a CD earning 2.47% interest to 1/11/06.


          --re: trash bins:  Jose feels he can fill a full solid waste bin, rather than half as we recommended, so it will cost us $97.34 instead of $65.90 (plus city fee).   Tina will check on whether it is actually filled each time.


          --Water Company rate increase has not yet been determined.  We have a total of 16 meters, of which 8 are out of service.  Of the 8 remaining, 4 are currently inactive but we are billed for them.  Water Co. will turn them off if we so request, but we will probably need them in the summer.


          --We are paying $68/yr for a P.O. Box, but currently all mail goes to SMG.  Box should be closed when the year’s lease expires.


--$250 was paid for pool maintenance.   We haven’t received a letter from them outlining their duties.



3.  Maintenance report:


          --Gordon Wood painted the floor and walls in the pool bathrooms, covering over the graffiti


          --roller bladers and skaters have been using the tennis court and in the fenced-in area of the pool.  Also, marks from black soles are on the tennis court.


4.  Brush clearance:  Barbara Chalton of the Forestry Division of the County Fire Department offered recommendations for erosion control.


    A.  “Blanket” the exposed areas (samples provided by the Forestry Div.)

Approximate cost $2-3,000 + Labor.

    B.  Free sandbags are available

    C.  Plant fire resistant shrubbery/trees to hold the soil

    D.  Shovel out drainage ditches, to let water flow freely


          --Forestry donated 8 oak trees which were planted on the slopes, and will provide 8 more.


          --Hank and Maynard will survey the slide areas and make a judgment as to what action should be taken at each location.   It was decided that Jose should be given the contract for this work since he knows the area best, and is available for us to follow up when further action is needed.


5.  No action taken yet on the solar systems to be installed on two gas lamps


6.  A smaller room at the country club should be sufficient for our annual meeting.  Tina will call Steve and suggest only cookies, no elaborate food necessary


7.  Saturday, August 27, was set for our summer BBQ


8.   The Christmas party date should probably be December 9th, but we must wait for someone to offer their home.


9.  The lease agreements for Lot #1 and the home at 202 Mero are in effect, but the $1/yr payments have never been received.


10.  Mark Goddard has volunteered to help with maintenance after Craig Coleman’s resignation.


11.  Muriel reported that 16 children and their parents participated in the Easter Egg and Scavenger Hunt. 


12.  It was agreed that Gordon Wood’s suggestion about the sprinkler valves on the slope should be taken care of.   His neighbors should be notified.


11.  The next meeting will be May 10th at the home of Tina Blum.


Respectfully submitted,



Muriel Horacek, Secretary