Starlight Mesa Home Owners Association

Board Meeting - Minutes

March 25, 2014 7:00 p.m.

John Andraos’ House

Present – John Andraos (JA), Greg Goeckner (GG), Derrick Pan (DP), Alex Benderskii (AB)

Not Present – Karen Levin (KL)

Also Present – Asha Masurekar (AM), Jared Herzikoff-Cornell (JHC)


234 Mariners View Lane Renovation Proposal

JHC and AM presented their proposed renovations to the exterior of their new home at 234 Mariners View Lane.  They propose to replace the existing cedar shingle roof with a grey concrete tile roof and to refinish the surface of their exterior deck in a Mesa Tan finish.  After discussion, the Board unanimously approved the proposed exterior renovations.

Maintenance Update

AB provided an overview of maintenance work in the Mesa.  Jose Toribio had fertilized Mesa front lawns earlier that day.  AB had also asked him to spray the pampas grass around the tennis courts.  The pampas grass along lower Starlight will be sprayed after the brush clearance is completed.  Joe Bergen has taken charge of supervising work on the putting green. 

AB had examined the pool furniture and it all appeared to be in good working order.

AB reviewed a bid he had received from Jose Toribio for trimming the palm trees around the swimming pool and tennis court and removing and replacing one diseased tree at the pool.  The Board unanimously approved up to $2200 to complete this work.

Gazebo Replacement

JA reviewed the discussion about the gazebo replacement from the February meeting.  Joe Bergen had provided a proposal to replace the gazebo with a pre-fab unit for a total cost of about $6000.  JA’s handyman offered to build a similar structure based on the drawings provided (including removing the old gazebo) for $4500.  JA will determine whether a permit is needed for this project.  He will get the drawings from Joe Bergen so that they can be circulated to the HOA’s members for feedback.

Prioritized List of Projects for 2014

The Board discussed priorities for maintenance projects for 2014.  In addition to the gazebo, they will look into renovating the Mesa entrance signs along Starlight Crest Drive.  JA will ask Cardinal Management for ideas of contractors who have experience with that type of neighborhood entry sign.

DP noted that the reserve account has $38k now.  The stairway renovation project, due to be completed in two or three years, is expected to cost about $40k.  JA raised the cost of the other large project due to be completed in the same timeframe – the renovation of the pool plumbing.  He suggested that it might be more economical long term to replace the pool entirely rather than to attempt to work around the existing pool’s limitations.  For purposes of long-term planning, he will ask for a quote on a replacement for the pool and then the project can be circulated for homeowners’ feedback.

Financial Summary: Reserve Funding

DP provided a review of the HOA’s finances.  He reported that the HOA financials generally were in good shape so far this year.  2013 ended with a $4000 surplus.  After discussion, the Board approved leaving these funds in the operating budget for this year.

DP noted that the Board needed to commission the annual audit of the HOA’s financial statements, as required by the CCRs.  He proposed  - and the Board unanimously approved - that the same firm be authorized to do the audit as had done that work in prior years.

DP next raised the issue of chronically late HOA dues owed by the Kamboj family.  Cardinal Management is seeking to collect those funds, which are significantly overdue.  If that is unsuccessful, the Board will look into legal options to collect these unpaid dues.

Legal Issues - Selection of New Counsel

GG reported on several firms that had been recommended by Cardinal Management to serve as new HOA counsel.  JA also reported on conversations he had with several potential counsel.  After discussion, the Board unanimously approved the retention of Richardson, Harman, Ober of Pasadena as the HOA’s new counsel.  The firm will not require payment of a retainer prior to taking on this representation.

Secretary's Report

GG reported that AM and JHC had recently purchased 234 Mariners View Lane but that there had been no other reported recent changes in the neighborhood.

Other Business:

JA raised concerns about the safety of allowing parking along the corner next to the stop sign at the intersection of Starlight Crest and Starlane.  He suggested that the corner should be designated as a no parking area.  DP noted that the stop sign was installed following residents’ requests to the city several years ago and that a similar process will be required to have the corner designated as a no parking zone.  AB will contact the city about the requirements for such a request.

JA proposed and the Board generally agreed that it should look into purchasing earthquake insurance for the structures on community property (the pool, gardeners shed, etc.).  DP will ask the HOA’s insurance broker for a quote for that type of coverage.

JA also raised concerns that some exterior renovations had been completed in recent years without obtaining Board approval and suggested that the renovations might not be consistent with the standards for exterior renovations in the community.  The Board will look into the history of those renovations and possible remedial actions it can take on the subject. 

Next meeting

The Board set its next meeting for April 22, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at the Goeckner-Schumacher residence, 172 Starlight Crest Drive.