Starlight Mesa

Homeowners Association

Board Meeting


3-22-16. 7:30

SP House


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Sylvia Paz (SP), Kirk Gerbracht (KG), Brent Tweddle (BT)


Maintenance Report


Concrete work:  SP reported that we now have 3 estimates for the various concrete projects.  Cardy Coate’s worker quoted:  fix culvert $500; Children’s Park – fix broken concrete $1100; Children’s Park - removal of concrete $3,300; Putting green park – fix broken walkway $500.  This was less than the initial quote.  Jose Toribio’s quote was $720 to remove the concrete in the Children’s Park. Mike Prescott also is now available if we want to get a quote from him.  BT suggested we use Cardy Coate’s worker to fix the putting green walkway and the broken culvert, once we speak to him and confirm the quotes and his ability to do the work.  BT also suggested that we fix the other broken concrete in the putting green at the same time.  SP will call him to discuss.


Playground:  SP met with Ronnie Sigel of Swire, Sigel Landscape about the Children’s Park.  Ronnie has worked on a number of parks in the area and is very experienced with the current requirements for parks.  She will make a renovation plan for us, giving us itemized options with prices attached.  She recommended moving the tetherball down to the area near the tennis courts, where other swings and climbing equipment already exist for older children.  The Children’s Park equipment is all out of date/out of code.  GG said that he was inclined to remove the concrete around the tetherball, since the other playground equipment there all have sand bases.  SP commented that Ronnie suggested that one cheaper alternative to fixing the swings is lowering the bar at the top. However, this would keep the swings out of code, unless other requirements are followed.  Ronnie also suggested a big sand box and a small climbing apparatus.  Should we consider raising dues to keep things up better?  KG, SP, and GG agreed that the current dues levels did not allow the Board to maintain the current level of services over time.  SP suggested that the Children’s Park renovations could cost $15-20k.  GG noted that the pool repairs/renovations also were a major issue and would require some or all of the current reserves; it is likely that we will need a special assessment for part of the pool renovations costs.  KG suggested focusing on the safety work first – taking out the broken concrete and putting in a sandbox.  The Board could propose a special assessment later for both the pool renovations and the playground equipment. GG suggested pursuing both projects, getting bids and then presenting a consolidated proposal to the community later in the year.   We need to get the pool committee functioning under Glenn Cunningham’s leadership.  SP will talk to Glenn about the pool and will get a proposal from Ronnie Sigel on the playground equipment.


Tree Planting program:  SP reported that she is waiting to hear from Jose when the trees will be ready for planting.


General:   SP called Western Fence (626-791-6934), which installed and maintained all fences and gates in the Mesa according to the Maintenance Manual written by Joe Bergen, to fix the gate on the gardener’s shed.  Jose finished the bridge over the culvert on Lot 93; BT commented that the bridge looks good and solid. BT found another leak in the sprinkler valves.  SP reported that Jose fixed that leak earlier in the day.  The water is now back on.  Somebody (not the Board or Jose) reset the clocks on the community sprinklers; Jose will check them periodically and see if they are changed again.


Treasurer’s Report


KG reported that the operating account has ~$30k and the reserve account ~$64k as of the end of February.  He reviewed the dues delinquency situation, which totals $11k, a majority of which is owed by one household.   The Board then met in executive session to discuss a legal matter.


Candidates for the Board


SP reported that Cynthia Smither had volunteered to join the Board.  She is a long-time resident and her deceased husband had previously served on the Board.  GG proposed that she be elected to fill the open seat created by John Andraos’ resignation and that she be appointed Board President.  The Board unanimously approved the proposal.


Next meeting


            7:30 p.m.

            SP house