Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board of Governors Meeting


March 21, 2018

162 Starlight Crest Drive



1. Present

a. Board: Janet Edberg, Cynthia Smither, Devon Myers, Albert Chang, Mike



b. Others: Jose Toribio


2. Maintenance

a. Jose Update

i. Removed dead acacias by the Blooms hill and installed 3 metal sprinkler valves

ii. Week of April 10 Jose will be fertilizing

iii. Tree trimming will be in April - will do putting green area this year


b. Playground Assessment

i. First company raised prices, MS is getting a quote from another company in a couple of weeks


3. Renovation Requests

a. None


4. Treasurer Report

a. Liability insurance - In cases where vendors are injured while on HOA property,

first liability goes to employer, but HOA could be liable as a secondary. In cases

where a 3rd party is running a program on HOA property, and a resident is hurt,

our liability insurance would cover. However, if a non-resident was hurt, individual

homeowners could be liable.


b. Decision - all future vendors/contractors must have liability and workmans

compensation insurance (MS will notify Jose)


c. Budget - tracking to budget


5. Other

a. YMCA Water Safety Classes

i. AC reported that only 7 homeowners responded to the survey that was

sent to the community

ii. Of the 7 responses, there were a total of 5 children who would likely


iii. Given the legal costs to revise the contract with the YMCA, and the

limited interest, the board decided to not pursue the YMCA water safety


b. Trespassers

i. CS will double check to see if No Trespassing sign is still visible


c. Stop Sign Request at Mariners View

i. DM to send AC the link to request


d. Next meeting

i. Wednesday April 25th 7:30pm Cynthias House