Starlight Mesa

Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

3-21-17, 7:30 p.m.

SP House



Present: Greg Goeckner (GG), Janet Edberg (JE), Sylvia Paz (SP), Albert Chang (AC)

Not present: Cynthia Smither (CS)

Also: Glenn Cunningham (GC), Karen Levin (KL)


Renovation requests:


Levins/Williams – rebuild fence and remove old HOA sprinkler line:  KL noted that the fence between the Levins’ and the Williams’ properties needs to be replaced.  At the end of the fence, there is an old electrical wire that was used by the Mesa to control irrigation down the hillside and there are old irrigation pipes in the Levins’ backyard that are not used any more.  The Levins would like to remove the wiring and piping when they rebuild the fence.  SP will confirm with Jose Toribio that the wiring and piping are no longer needed.  The Levins also want to put up a snake fence at the top of the hillside; it will not be visible from below.  The Board approved the project, subject to SP confirming with Jose that the wiring and piping are no longer needed for the hillside irrigation.




General:  SP reported that the annual tree planting project was completed – we planted 11 new trees for a total cost of $1505.  Jose also replaced the broken steps down the hillside with railroad ties and replaced the old sprinkler valves around the pool area.  The entire sprinkler system in that area needs to be upgraded – the upgrades will cost $1460.  This is the last area with old sprinklers that need to be upgraded. AC noted that we have $10k in the budget for this type of work.  The Board approved the sprinkler replacement project.  SP next asked about the replacement of the overgrown junipers near the JPL driveway with new ground cover to match the rest of the street, which would cost $760.  The Board also approved that project.  SP asked if we should add a small new sign at the bottom of the steps down to the pool to match the existing one at the top indicating that they are uneven.  JE will get a new one for that area.


JPL Survey:  GG reported that he had spoken to a representative of the Bureau of Land Management about the latest survey by the government of the JPL property line.  Several prior surveys had produced inconsistent results and BLM was called in to make a final determination of the property line.  BLM was not aware of any plans to change the location of the JPL fences.


Playground Renovation:


The Board discussed ways to get this project moving again following the departure of Brent Tweddle from the Board and his move to Northern California.  Several possible candidates were identified to lead the project and Board members will speak to them about it prior to the next meeting.


Pool Renovation:


GC advised that he is back working full time at JPL and is unable to continue to lead the pool project.  The project is advanced and he can turn over his files to someone else to complete the neighborhood survey and to select a contractor.  However, we need someone who can devote substantial time to the project for several months to get everything completed.  We need to decide on the decking – whether to coat the existing decking or to replace it with new concrete.  We also need to resolve an open issue of whether we need to install a handicapped lift at the pool.  Finally, we need to decide on the type of fence to install along the hillside next to the pool.  The Board will reach out to members of the community to see if they are able to take on completion of this project.


Treasurer’s Report:


AC reviewed delinquent HOA fees with the Board – there are about $10k in arrearages in total.  The operating account had $17k and the reserve account had $78k as of the end February. 


The Board then discussed legal issues related to several non-conforming homes in executive session.