Minutes of March 21, 2013 Board Meeting,

8:00 p.m. at the home of Chari Gilmore


Board Members Present: Glenn Cunningham, Chari Gilmore and Trang Tran


·        The Board voted to approve the Bergen’s proposal to maintain of a portion of Starlight Mesa HOA common area that is adjacent to their fence, south of the pool walkway.  The Board will have outside counsel draft the agreement letter.


·        The Board voted to approve a set of guidelines for exterior change requests which is intended to eliminate any confusion or interpretation about proposed changes and approvals. This set of guidelines should be followed when requesting the Board’s approval on any exterior changes to home or property as required by Article X of the CC&Rs.  The new guidelines will be posted on the HOA website


·        The Board reviewed a neighbor’s inquiry as to whether satellite dishes are allowed to be installed where they can be seen from the street.  After a survey of the neighborhood and review of the CC&Rs, the Board advised the neighbor that the Starlight Mesa Homeowner’s Association CC&Rs do not outline any rules regarding satellite dishes and thus it is not an enforceable issue.   Furthermore, there are several visible satellite dishes throughout the neighborhood, as well as their technological predecessors, the TV antenna. 


·        Finance Report

·        As <redacated> was not present at the meeting, the discussions of the 2011 Audit and reserve recommendation were pushed to the April meeting.  The Board asked <redacated> to send via email his comments on the February financials.


·        Maintenance

·        The issue was discussed if the aesthetics of the Toribio’s conifer tree trimming could be improved.  While their price is very attractive and in line with the Mesa’s thrifty annual budget, possibly the input from a few professional tree trimmers might provide a way to maintain the health of the tree and a nice shape.

·        In response to a neighbor’s inquiry about the flammability of pine needle mulch, the Mesa sought outside counsel from the Los Angeles Fire Department.  The LAFD counseled that the use of mulch, even with pine needles, is better than no mulch as it discourages unwanted weed and plant growth which can fuel fires.

·        The Board approved an outline of the different maintenance responsibilities that Glenn and Karen will oversee.

·        Glenn will draft a maintenance master proposal for 2013 that the Board will review and prioritize.

·        Glenn reviewed the below maintenance projects:

·        March Projects:

·        Watering Status:  Only two zones are active in the Putting Green; all other systems are disabled

·        Hillside Maintenance:  No additional mulching was accomplished

·        Fertilized homeowners’ front lawns on 3/19/13

·        Replaced volleyball in Children’s Play Park

·        Inspected the swales system for necessary repairs

·        Trimmed oleanders along Starlane

·        Plans for April

·        Continue mulching on hill above Stardust Rd

·        Install tennis court backboard

·        Get bids for work on swales system

·        Clean and ready poolside furniture before Spring Break week (4/1)

·        Enable hot water heater (at least for Spring Break week) in pool house and shallow end underwater light

·        Trim palm trees by pool

·        Reset and increase height of low retaining wall at south of pool (assuming bid is reasonable)

·        Check operability of irrigation systems

·        Resume hillside watering (weather dependent)


·        Mesa Business Between the February and March Meetings

·        Glenn, Karen and Chari met with a representative of So Cal Edison regarding a 26’ data collection pole that will be installed in the Mesa neighborhood as part of a network for remote reading of gas meters.  In late 2012, the Gas Company informed residents near the end of Starlight Crest Drive their intention to install the pole across from 185 Starlight Crest Drive.  One neighbor brought the issue to the attention of the Board.  The Board confirmed with the City of La Canada that So Cal Gas has the right to install their equipment on public right of way land, which is measured 30’ from the center “line” of the street (often encompassing the street, sidewalk and/or any adjacent land within that measurement).  The Board tried multiple options for moving the pole out of the Mesa neighborhood, but due to the network of poles that must communicate; we were left with small option of property near 185 Starlight Crest Drive.  While the law entitles the Gas Company to make the final decision as to location, the Board gave input on the least objectionable choices for the pole, taking into consideration the view corridor along Starlight Crest Drive, the proximity to the children’s park, and the many restrictive requirements by the Gas Company for the functions of the system.

·        SMHOA Treasurer  met with Cardinal Management on Thursday, February 28 to finalize the 2011 audit.  As <redacated>was absent during the March Board meeting, we were unable to address the findings and next steps from that meeting,


·        Next Meeting:  April meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 23rd at 8pm at the home of Glenn Cunningham.


Chari Gilmore:  SMHOA, Secretary