Minutes March 16, 2011 Board Meeting,

7:30 PM at the home of Dirk Heinrich

Present:  Joe Bergen, Mary Freeman, Dirk Heinrich, Muriel Horacek, Jenny Kong, Glenn Cunningham

The minutes from the February 17th Board meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s report:

--Cardinal cannot open the separate Reserve Account until the Board signs new signature cards. 

--The different categories used by Cardinal in their monthly Financial Report was discussed, since some are labeled differently from TMEI

--Cardinal sent delinquency notices to some residents who were behind in their payments, and some have since paid up.

Possible location of fruit trees were reported as follows:

            --SE corner of tennis court, near water fountain

            --between playground and wooden steps

            --opposite 181 & 169 Starlight Crest Dr., by JPL fence

            --NW area of putting green

The purchase of 8 trees @ $30, for a total of $300 was approved by three Board members, with two abstentions.

Jenny and Glenn reported that the SMHOA website has been updated.

Joe presented the Board with a petition from the Mesa homeowners.  The petition, signed by over 40 Mesa residents, asked that 40 residential Safe Driving signs @ $10 each be purchased from the City of La Canada.  This was unanimously approved.  Joe informed the Board that other petitions are circulating the homeowners, requesting the City of La Canada install two permanent Drive with Care signs.  Joe will coordinate the purchase and placement of the yard signs with the possible installation of the other signs being petitioned from the City of La Canada.  Joe will coordinate with the residents circulating the petitions and the Board.  A letter written by residents requesting drivers reduce speed through the Mesa would also be distributed and coordinated with sign installation.

Jenny reported that Regina Hsu and Chari Gilmore have agreed to organize an Easter Egg Hunt, charging families an appropriate amount to participate.  They will give the details to Muriel, to be sent to all residents by email newsletter.

The Board agreed on a new policy of interpretation and enforcement of Article X, Sections 1 and 2.  The policy will be distributed to all homeowners 30 days prior to the next monthly board meeting at which it will be passed.  Dirk will send a letter to all Mesa residents informing them of the policy.  Mesa residents who have comments may attend the April Board meeting when this will be approved.

Maintenance: Joe brought the following items to the Board for approval:

-          Replacement of the pool chlorine feeder $450.  Old one failed due to exposure to rain.    New one will be re-located which is included in price

-          Jose bid for $858 to fix drainage problem near basketball court.  Drains and pipes will be installed around sidewalk leading up to basketball court.  Pipe will be run under lawn to culvert/ditch on the south side of pool lawn.  Culvert/ditch will be dredged wh ere needed.

-          20 new pool chairs to be purchased at a cost of approximately $2200.  Monies allocated in Pool Supplies category of budget.  Second part of three year cycle of replacement of pool furniture.

-          Culvert crack repair needed to begin.  Plan is to spend approximately $1000 of $4000 budget repairing cracks in culverts.  Sections of culverts below lower Stardust and Mariners View which are either badly ruptured or undermined have not changed in the last 12 months so repair can be put off.  Suggest that $2000 of $4000 be put into the Reserve Fund as a $2000 allowance for culvert repair to offset cost when sections are replaced.

-          Pampas grass eradication.  Approximately $300 – 450 needed for 2-3 days labor and Roundup to spray pampas grass around tennis court and below lower Stardust.  Part of hillside maintenance policy and to be paid for with Brush Clearance money.

All maintenance items were approved.

Joe brought up that the Mesa’s insurance policy just renewed and someone should touch base with the Mesa’s agent to review coverage and make sure it is adequate.  Dirk said he would do so.

Joe brought up the previously discussed Lot #1 issue and the need to speak to the new homeowner to have the Mesa indemnified in their homeowner’s policy for liability on encroached land- most notably the pool area of their home.  Dirk said he would talk to the homeowner of Lot #1.

The next meeting of the Board will be Wednesday, April 20 at the home of Muriel Horacek.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary