Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board of Governors Meeting

February 28, 2018, 7:30pm

210 Starlane Drive



1.  Present

a. Board members: Janet Edberg, Cynthia Smither, Devon Myers, Albert Chang, Mike Sagarian

b. Others: Jose Toribio, Fred Estralian, Nikki Mojaraddi

2.  Maintenance

a.  Jose - in process of removing dead acacias, need monthly check

b.  Playground

                MS will get latest pricing and put into assessment process

3.  Security - Nikki Mojarradi

a.  Co-captain of the upper mesa neighborhood watch and would like to ask the community for their interest in the following things:

Need more captains - sheriff’s department recommends 1 captain per block; Responsibility of captain includes a once per year meeting with sheriff’s department

Some communities have also hired a private security company, California Patrol Security Co., to patrol their streets. Fee would be approximately $180 per month per house

Gate for the entrance to Starlight Mesa is another idea to consider, but in the past, the city has not allowed it

There are also 2 Facebook private groups that help with security, a community one and a dog walker’s one

Text tree for neighbors to notify each other of issues

4.  CC&R Update - Fred Estralian

a.  Provided some consulting on issues to consider

5.  Treasurer Report

a.  Operating: $43,964

b.  Reserves: $94,708

6.  Social Events Ideas

a.  Muriel is a docent at the zoo and would be happy to give people tours of the zoo

7.  YMCA

a.  YMCA is open to contract revisions, which is dependent on legal review

b.  AC will send out survey monkey for interest in YMCA water safety program

8.  Insurance for HOA Vendors

a.  HOA understanding is that Jose has general liability insurance but not worker’s compensation

b.  Board will begin to mandate that all vendors must have worker’s compensation insurance

c.  MS will check on coverage of existing policy


Albert Chang

Starlight Mesa HOA Secretary