Minutes of Board Meeting, February 27, 2010

at 9:30 AM at the home of Muriel Horacek

Present:  Board members: Joe Bergen, Muriel Horacek, John Kim, Scott Swanson, and Steven Low

Also present:  Mary Freeman and Mike Davis

The Minutes of January 23rd were approved.

John reported that he had not received last monthís financial report from TMEI and that he would request it.

The Boardís letter to Deuk Lee and his architect, Sam Oh, was presented.  The content of the letter and the reasoning for the Boardís denial of approval of the plans submitted for the remodel of 5209 Diamond Point Road was discussed.  Changes were made to the letter, to be more specific about the reason for denial.  With the changes, the Board approved it unanimously.  Muriel would get signatures on the revised letter and send a copy to TMEI.   The letters to Messrs. Lee and Oh will be sent individually and by Certified Mail.

Joe presented paint samples for the walls of the bathhouse.  He will have samples painted on the wall for us to choose.

Joe reported that the number of solar panels ordered would not cover the entire roof, and that there would be room for another row of panels.  The Board approved 5-0 to order another row of panels.

The bathroom doors have locks whereby the door could be locked with no one inside.  Joe will check on a solution.

The next Board meeting will be at 2:00 PM Saturday March 27 at the pool.

Note:  The Board approved 5 to 0 by email on February 2nd the proposed stone finish to the house at 221 Starlane as requested by Jane and Benjamin Hong.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary