Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

2-24-16, 7:30 p.m.

SP House


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Sylvia Paz (SP), Kirk Gerbracht (KG), Brent Tweddle (BT)


Renovation requests:


Grace Kim awnings:  GG reported that Grace Kim had requested approval to put awnings on the south side upper windows of her house.  The color would be burgundy or navy and the awnings apparently would be all metal.  The Board approved the request.


Maintenance Report:


Water leaks:  BT reported that former Board member Derrick Pan had discovered unusually high water usage in the HOA’s water bills.  BT and Jose Toribio investigated and found one valve leaking.  SP asked Jose to repair that valve and to check for other leaks.  She also asked him to cut down the watering of the new plantings on the hillside over the pool area.  KG will check the water bill this month to see if there is any indication of other leaks.  He also noted that Mesa Crest Water had notified all of its customers of a water supply shutoff due to maintenance from 2-29 to 3-10; Jose should be advised to shut off all outdoor watering during that period.


Concrete work:  BT spoke to the concrete contractor recommended by Glenn Cunningham.  They walked around the Mesa and looked at the pending concrete work.  His quote was for a $3k minimum charge, $800 to repair the broken walkway into the putting green park, $1k to repair the broken swale below Cardy Coate’s house, and $5k to repair the broken concrete around the tetherball pole in the the children’s park, or $6k for everything.  GG suggested that we look into whether concrete is still acceptable as a play area surface. BT suggested that we look at upgrading all of the playground equipment. SP will talk to a contact who does work on parks to get ideas and a sense of costs.  GG looked at the reserve study, which says that the playground equipment is ~20 years old and does not need to be replaced for 20 years; however, “All Things Mesa” says the playground equipment is original, so ~50 years old and should be ready to be replaced now.  Surface requirements are likely very different now; we need to find a new surface for the play area.


Tree planting program:  SP reported that Jose had trimmed trees around the neighborhood including the palms around the pool and 5 big trees on lower Stardust.  We now need to start our tree planting program.  Jose recommends 15 gal. trees to start.  KG commented that birch trees are not a good investment as their life span is only about 30 years.  SP advised that Jose recommends planting deodar cedar and oaks.  BT suggested that both might be protected varietals (he later determined that cedars are only protected in other areas of La Canada).  BT said that there is not much need for trees in the putting green park.  However, the strip on the east side of Starlight Crest along JPL should have some trees added, like the trees along Starlight Mesa.  GG suggested adding a couple of large trees in the putting green park.  SP will ask Jose for recommendations on tree density along Starlight Crest.  BT suggested that the county had a program that might include planting trees (he later determined this program would not apply to our neighborhood).


General Maintenance Issues:  SP reported that Jose is finishing the new foot bridge over the culvert on Lot 93.  She asked him for a quote to fix the railings and pillars along the path into the parks; Jose suggested metal replacements. GG commented that these path fences should be consistent in all areas.  SP advised that the pool path railing is part iron and part wood.  KG asked if these fences should be maintained by the Association or the individual homeowners.  GG was not aware of any precedent but felt that the Association should maintain them because these walkways are for the benefit of all homeowners.  SP commented that wrought iron is more expensive.


Treasurers Report:


KG has met with Derrick Pan to understand his bookkeeping system for the HOA, but is not yet up to speed.  He will report fully at the next meeting. 


Board vacancy:


The Board discussed filling the vacancy caused by the resignation of John Andraos. Tanya Zimmerman, who ran in the last election, advised that she is not able to join the Board at this time.  The Board would like to have a diverse membership representing all of the community.  Board members will continue to seek candidates for the open position.


Next meeting:


            March 22, 2016

            7:30 p.m.

            SP house