Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

 February 21, 2006

At the home of Muriel Horacek

Board Participants:           Mike Durfee, Muriel Horacek, Bill Imbriale, Jodie Kendall, Hank Smither

Mesa Resident:                Sue Berta

Sue Berta described a plan for landscaping the Mesa common property on the hillside directly behind her home at 275 Starlane Drive.  At her own expense she requests permission to plant 30 oleander bushes and install a sprinkler system which will be connected to her own system.  She will be paying our Mesa gardeners to do this work.  The Board approved the plan and commended her for improving the hillside.

After Mrs Berta left, the Board commenced the regular meeting.  The minutes of the January 10th meeting were presented and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  The CD was rolled over with withdrawal privileges without penalty, until we determine major pool expenses.


--Jodie reported that she is waiting for another pool bid.  If she and Michael have a recommendation before the next meeting, the Board will be polled by email for approval.  

--tables should be painted and umbrellas replaced after the rainy season.

--the timer of the pool security lights should be corrected

--it was decided that the Board would meet at 4:00 Sunday, Feb. 26 and walk around the Mesa to discuss landscaping improvements on common areas.

A draft of the Balance Sheet of SMHOA finances was received from Timothy Bradley, C.P.A. and given to Board members.  Since the last Reserve Study was done in September 2001, it was decided that a new one should be prepared.

Hank requested the following newsletter items:

--remind residents to trim trees and bushes in advance of the fire season,

--plant cuttings done by residents should be disposed of with their weekly trash collection

--volunteers should be requested for the Easter Egg Hunt, the Summer BBQ (which should be catered), and a host home for a Christmas Party.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 21st at the home of Jodie Kendall.