Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Thursday, February 20, 2014

At the home of John Andraos, 261 Starlane Drive


Board Member Attendees:  John Andraos, Karen Levin, Alex Benderskii, Derrick Pan

Homeowner Attendees:  Joe Bergen, Glenn Cunningham


The minutes of the January Board meeting were approved via e-mail previous to this meeting and were posted on the SMHA website.

In the absence of the secretary, Greg Goeckner (on travel), the minutes are being taken by Glenn Cunningham.

    1.The Board informed Joe Bergen that they do not have a response to the proposed agreement on the common areas and on other HOA members. The Association is in the process of seeking new legal representation due to a conflict of interest arising from the Association's and Bergen's counsel.

    2.Joe also acknowledges that the request to plant will not have any implications explicitly and implicitly on the resolution of an agreement and accepts any ramifications as result of the final resolution of the agreement.  Given Joe's acknowledgements, the consensus among the Board members is that the Bergen should be allowed to plant in the common area.

3.Homeowner Joe Bergen presented a discussion about the deterioration of the grass in the Putting Green Park.  It appears that Toribio Landscaping has applied inappropriate grass seed to an area where herbicides had been used to eradicate Bermuda grass.  In addition, Bergen asserts that the grass has not been properly fertilized and watered.   He proposes that additional fertilizing be initiated, the watering schedule changed, and the herbicides used again.  He has volunteered to oversee these activities.  The Board agreed to allow him to undertake this supervisory activity, and will so advise Bergen via e-mail.  (See the attached memorandum #2 for details.)

4.In addition, Bergen also suggested a modification of the oleander trimming schedule on Starlane Drive, and reminded the Board that honeysuckle on the 300 block of Starlane needs to cut back.  (See the attached memorandum for details.)

5.There was considerable discussion about Toribio’s performance and how he is to be managed.  A suggestion from Andraos that Toribio appear at the next Board meeting was tabled, and it was agreed that the maintenance chairmen, Benderskii and Levin, would work with Toribio to assure that his contractual responsibilities are being met.

6.Bergen proposed an alternative resolution of the tennis court area gazebo renewal project consisting of a wooden gazebo kit that would require assembly on site.  (See the attached memorandum #1 for details.)  The cost was estimated at $7K plus the cost of furniture.  The Board agreed to take this proposal under consideration agreeing it would be more durable than the current umbrella plan.  Questions regarding its maintenance and the type of roofing material to be in conformance with Mesa standards were raised.  In addition, the Board decided to continue to investigate alternatives including having a similar permanent structure constructed by a local builder.  Andraos agreed to interact with the City building department regarding the need for permits.  It was agreed that, since the current plan with umbrellas has been identified to the residents, if a new approach was selected, the Board should identify it to the residents after price out and before implementation.

7.There was an extended discussion of the recently completed reserve study results.  The Reserve Studies, Inc., (RSI) report completed in December, recommended a target reserve amount of ~$97K (based upon an inventory item threshold of $500, and national cost averages for inventory item replacement).  Previous reserve studies done by Bergen recommended a target reserve amount of ~$45K (based upon an inventory item threshold of $1500, a greater reliance on using the operating accounts for inventory item replacement, and actual costs of running the Mesa over the past five years).  Cunningham performed a similar analysis in the fall of 2013 that yielded a reserve target of ~$57K.  Formal reserve studies are required every three years, with an annual review of performance of the reserve account.  At the end of 2013, there was $35,873.69 in the reserve account.  The Board agreed to accept the RSI study report, but not to accept the recommendation of the ~$97K reserve target without further analysis by the Treasurer who will present his recommendation for a target amount and the funding rate at the March Board meeting.

8.As a result of the reserve study discussion, Andraos expressed concern about the financial risks of the swimming pool from earthquake damage.  It was pointed out that the pool has survived several sizeable Southern California earthquakes in its 46 year lifetime without damage.  Andraos agreed to contact the Mesa’s insurance agent and obtain a quote for earthquake insurance on the pool.

9.The Treasurer, Derrick Pan, reported that the most recent financial data had not yet been received from Cardinal Management.  He is performing an assessment of the current financial status, the disposition the surplus operating funds from 2013, the current dues level, and the reserve funding rate that will be presented to the Board when ready.  Relative to funds on hand, it was reported that there is an outstanding check that has not been cashed, and that there are ~$15K of dues in arrears.

10.There was a discussion about houses that are not in conformance with the general architectural features of the Mesa and what could/should be done about them.  Andraos agreed to seek a legal opinion about the Association’s options.

11. The Maintenance Chairmen, Benderskii and Levin, reported that:  the sprinkler systems have been reactivated due to the drought conditions; one gopher has been caught in the Putting Green, but there are many more to be caught; they are waiting a bid from Toribio on removing selected palm trees from the pool/tennis court area; and considering replacing the remaining old gas light at the Starlane/Starlight Crest entrance to the Putting Green with an electric model similar to the others in the area.

12.There was discussion about improving the landscaping on the slope south of 300 Starlane (lot 29) as part of the areas of common maintenance (although it is a hillside like those along the east side of Starlane, it is not shown as an area of common maintenance on the tract map), and extending the SMHA sprinkler system from behind lot 30 to serve it.  No definitive resolution was reached.

13.A prioritized list of potential improvement projects for 2014 will be circulated to the Board members by the Treasurer to be discussed at the March Board meeting.

14. There was a discussion about revising the CC&Rs to make them more effective and to update them to the “modern” era.  Andraos suggests that such a revision be a goal for the Board this year.  He will explore the viability of such an action with the new legal council when council is selected.

15.There was a discussion about using artificial turf in the Putting Green and adjacent to the pool/tennis court complex (as a test case).  There was no resolution of this issue.

16.The next Board meeting will be on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, at 7 PM at the home of John Andraos, 261 Starlane Drive.


Attachment #1 - Bergen Memorandum - http://starlightmesa.org/Bergen memo-board pavilion proposal 20140220.pdf

Attachment #2 - Bergen Memorandum - http://starlightmesa.org/Bergen memo-maintenance items 20140220.pdf