Minutes of February 17, 2011 Board Meeting,

7:30 PM at the home Muriel Horacek


Present:  Joe Bergen, Mary Freeman, Dirk Heinrich, Muriel Horacek, Jenny Kong

The minutes from the January 3rd Board meeting were approved.

The Treasurer had no report since the January Financial statements were just received from Cardinal late this afternoon.  Glancing at them, Joe Bergen pointed out that the Reserve Account Balance was $0 and the location of funds could not be determined by the information supplied.  Additionally, there was no record of accounts in arrears and certain items were being incorrectly charged to our budget.

Mary’s suggestion of planting fruit trees was received.  Mary, Dirk and Jenny will discuss possible locations with nearby residents who may be affected.

A request for an infant swing at the playground near the tennis court was denied, since there is an infant swing at the playground on the corner of Starlight Crest and Starlight Mesa.  Dirk will inform the resident of our decision.  A tire swing was put on hold due to email discussion of liability issues and lack of agreement on a location.

By email on February 8 the Board approved the purchase of a basketball ring and net for the tennis court area.

Jenny reported that she contacted Xichdao Nguyen on Diamond Point to inform him that the bottom of his retaining wall might need some attention.  Trees were growing out of a gap in the concrete.

Safety issues were discussed, especially speeding at the Starlane/Starlight Crest intersection and the Starlane/Mariners View intersection.   Posting signs will be further pursued by Dirk with the City of La Canada, and by Jenny with the PTA.  A letter to all Mesa residents was also discussed.  No consensus was reached.

Our study on CC&R compliance was postponed until the March meeting, giving time for the Board members to review it thoroughly. 

Errors and out-of-date photos on the Starlight Mesa website were reported by Jenny, and all agreed to study it further before our March meeting.

A possible Easter egg hunt was discussed, and Jenny will contact mothers of young children to see if anyone would like to help.

Joe gave an extensive maintenance report on possible actions to be taken later this year or in 2012, according to budgetary restraints.   A new fence surrounding the gardeners’ shed was approved for installation in July.

The next meeting of the Mesa Board will be Wednesday, March 16 at the home of Dirk Heinrich. 

Muriel Horacek, Secretary