Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

February 12, 2007

At the home of Muriel Horacek

Present:     Joe Bergen

                 Charles Berryman

                 Dayton Jones

                 Muriel Horacek

                 Steve Gutierrez, SMG

  1. The minutes of the January Board meeting were approved.
  1. In the absence of the Treasurer, it was reported that Christian, Charles and Muriel signed signature cards at Bank of America, authorizing them to withdraw funds from the Mesa CD.  The CD was also extended until December at the most favorable rate available, 4.26%.
  1. In order to pay for the trimming of trees on Mesa common property, the Board approved the withdrawal of $9,000 from the Bank of America account.
  1. Charles reported that the revised maintenance contract was signed by Jose Toribio and that proof of insurance was submitted.
  1. A detailed report of water and electricity consumption during the past year, prepared by Christian, was given to each Board member.  During the next few weeks several Board members will meet with Jose to verify the validity of each water meter serving the sprinklers on Mesa common property. 
  1. The Board authorized that Jose hook up a water supply for landscaping the south side of the Mesa entrance. 
  1. The next Board meeting will be held at 7:30 PM Monday, March 12 at the home of Dayton Jones.

Respectfully submitted,

Muriel Horacek, Secretary