Minutes of Joint 2010 & 2011 Board Meeting,

December 9, 2010

7:30 PM at the home of Muriel Horacek

Present:  Board members:  Joe Bergen, John Kim, Steven Low, Muriel Horacek, Dirk Heinrich, Mary Freeman, Jenny Kong

Also:  Glenn Cunningham, Jack Gunther

--Minutes from the November 18th (annual) meeting were approved.

--Jack Gunther submitted plans for new windows, which were approved unanimously.  Joe will send him a written approval.   

--On Tuesday, December 7 Joe Bergen, John Kim, Scott Swanson, Muriel Horacek, Dirk Heinrich, Jenny Kong and Steven Low held a brief meeting with Adrian Oesterreich, CEO of Cardinal Management Group to discuss the details of the transition.

Cardinal Management would contact TMEI and begin the transfer of records. Adrian assured the Board that sufficient records for collection on accounts in arrears would be transferred. 

All residents would be sent a letter by Cardinal Management to introduce themselves and explain the new dues paying procedure.  The Board would send a similar notice to residents, as well.

Adrian requested the Starlight Mesa Articles of Incorporation, but the board cannot locate them, nor can any by-laws be found.  Adrian was given the corporation ID number which he will use to contact the California Secretary of State to obtain a copy of the Mesa’s Articles of Incorporation and resurrect the corporation, if necessary.

--Previously, by email on December 2nd, the 2010 Board agreed that late penalties for the January payment will remain in force during the transition period.

--It was decided among the new Board members that Dirk Heinrich will be president, Mary Freeman the Treasurer, and Jenny Kong to do Maintenance duties along with Joe Bergen.  Muriel Horacek will continue as Secretary. 

--In order to familiarize the new Board with maintenance concerns, it was decided to meet on the putting green at 9:00 AM on Sunday, December 12 to walk around the common areas.   (Present:  Joe Bergen, Dirk Heinrich, Jenny Kong, Muriel Horacek)

--The Hillside Maintenance Policy was discussed.  The Board approved the plan to replant the hill above the south portion of the pool’s chain link fence and the hill rising from behind the pool house to the retaining wall on Diamond Point.  After this planting, if funds allow, mulch will be installed at the top of the hill on upper Stardust Road.

- An update on the replanting of the pool entrance was given.  The plumbago has been removed and arrangements for new palm trees to be planted the next week have been made.  Bids for the improvement of the irrigation for this area have been received.

--Joe reported that Neem oil was sprayed on plants in the garden by the white rail fence around the Children’s Park to get rid of fungus on the crape myrtles and roses.  

--On December 3rd Muriel informed Mesa residents by email that Cardinal would be our management company effective January 1, and that payments should be made to them even though statements will not be mailed out on time for that quarter.

--The next meeting of the Board will be on Monday, January 3 at 7:30 PM at the home of Dirk Heinrich.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary