Minutes of Starlight Mesa Board Meeting
Held on December 8, 2008


o        Board of Directors: Joe Bergen, Joe Varreveto, Christian Jagenberg, Tom Cwik

o        Incoming Board of Directors: John Kim, Muriel Morhoracek

o        Homeowners: Glenn Cunningham

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. at Tom Cwik's house.

Minutes of November 12, 2008 meeting modified regarding the Q&A section; minutes then approved.

Minutes of September 29, 2008 meeting read and approved.

Geologist report from Strata-Tech Inc received; report was commissioned to assess hillside integrity; No major issues found by geologist – report found that the inspected hillsides are ‘grossly stable’.  Report accepted by board.

Discussion on Hillside Maintenance Policy:

o        Policy has been written for board discussion

o        Policy will replace current Water Policy as a more comprehensive policy

o        Geologist report used in forming policy

o        Work from commissioned landscape architect used in forming policy

o        Plans from landscape architect reviewed by board

o        Fundamental goals of policy are to maintain structural integrity of hillsides, maintain fire-resistant planting, and maintain drought-tolerant planting

o        Upon reading the policy a question arose regarding homeowners watering common hillsides near their house; the policy maintains that homeowners should maintain a firebreak around home

o        Policy will be shown to Fire Department

o        After discussion, Policy approved by Board subject to minor modifications

Further discussion on plans from landscape architect

o        Plans drawn by architect inspected; area under consideration is complete set of hillsides around pool and tennis courts; plans include listing of plants, watering instructions (over time that plants are first planted and begin growing) and planting instructions

o        Fire resistant, erosion controlling, draught tolerant plants and trees are available for free from LAFD; this is first choice for Mesa

o        Planting will be completed by Mesa gardener

o        A full multi-year plan has been developed; plan will be completed depending on funding availability over time

Treasurer reports that accounts in arrears have dropped in half, to about $2500. About 6 member accounts are still outstanding. The management company will continue writing letters to those in arrears and begin placing a lien on the properties if necessary.

Holiday party at the Bertas was successful with a very good turnout.

Water main from Mariners View to pool house replaced since nearby yard and patio construction opened opportunity for low-cost maintenance.

The pool house costing and planning was discussed; A new contractor and engineering consultant is being examined

Meeting Adjourned at 8:55

Next meeting Tuesday Jan 20, 7:30, Muriel’s house