Starlight Mesa

Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

12-20-17, 7:30


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Albert Chang (AC), Mike Sagarian (2018) (MS), Janet Edberg (JE), Devon Myers (DM), Cynthia Smither (CS)

Also – Jay and Cheri Gilmore (JCG)


Renovation requests:


254 Starlight Crest Dr. – Pavers:  GG reported that the new owners of 254 Starlight Crest want to replace the concrete driveway with pavers, similar to other houses in the neighborhood.  The Board approved the request.


Gilmores – House renovations:  JCG advised that they want to put a window upstairs in the front of their house above their living room.  No one lives across the street from them.  It will match existing windows in the front of the house.  The Board approved the proposal.




JE raised the issue of the solar lights on the signs in the parks; they do not last long.  Should we replace them?  GG said there is no reason to light these “no trespassing” signs at night.  JE will remove the existing lights.


JE advised that she had found “shothole borer beetles” in the liquidambar trees in her yard.  This pest is expected to impact 30-40% of the trees in LA and there is no known remedy.  GG suggested that more money will be needed in the budget for removal of dead trees and for tree planting in the future and the HOA may need to retain an arborist to look at trees as the infestation spreads.


Treasurer’s report:


AC reported that the HOA had $35k in the operating account and $91k in the reserve account at the end of November.  Delinquencies are typical.


Playground renovation project:


DM provided an update on the renovation project.  GG advised that Peter Ryan at Cardinal can provide the procedures for a vote on the planned special assessment.  The earlier proposal to renovate the pool house can be used as a template for the playground proposal. 


2018 Board positions:


The 2018 Board agreed on the following tentative roles for next year (subject to confirmation at the January Board meeting):


            CS - President

            DM – Maintenance

            JE – Maintenance

            AC – Secretary

            MS – Treasurer


Next Meeting:



7:30 p.m.

            JE House