Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

December 2, 2018






1. Board Meeting Attendees

a. Board: Devon Myers, Mike Sagarian, Albert Chang, Janet Edberg, Cynthia



2. Maintenance

a. Playground Update

i. Board asked Jose for quotes for reduced grass options, including more

decomposed granite paths and artificial turf

ii. MS will ask vendor about colors installed vs. colors requested

b. Pool Project

i. Kathy Risley and JE met with Blue Water (pool maintenance contractor).

Blue Water confirmed that pipes and pool are 50 years old but that when

they leaked, it would not be catastrophic at first.  Leaks will be detectable

and the HOA will have time to address them.  Recommended the HOA

start to save up for a “pool repair fund”.

ii. Solar water heater is leaking - has been turned off for now. Will need to

be fixed before next summer.

iii. Non-skid strip may need to be installed to be compliant with health

department regulations

iv. Repair sealing and minor plumbing needed in back - will cost around

$2,000. Approved.

c. Dead tree stump behind Mariner’s View houses near pool path

i. MS will talk to Jose about price


3. Renovation Requests

a. none


4. Annual Meeting

a. 2019 Budget Review

i. Projecting to a small surplus for 2018

ii. May need to increase assessment for 2019 if we want to start saving up

funds for the eventual pool repair project

● Glenn/Michelle - Can we get a third opinion on whether or not the

pool issue would be imminent / catastrophic?

b. Election of 2019 board members

i. Polls closed at 2:35pm - Peter Ryan

ii. 51 ballots cast, 1 void ballot due to failure to follow ballot instructions

● Janet - 63

Hanjoo - 47

● Asha - 34

● Devon - 47

● Mike - 58

● Marianne Pollara - 1 (write in)

c. CC&R Update Feedback

i. DM: Current CC&R’s are out of date and we have exposure to risk and

liability. We will be working with attorneys and homeowner Fred Estralian

who is familiar with HOA law to develop new CC&Rs to bring us up to

compliance with current HOA laws.  Second phase will be to address the

issues around property boundaries, fences, and areas for common

maintenance.  Once we have more concrete details worked out, we can

send out more communication.

ii. Michelle Kim: Can we print important things out and mail them to each

individual homeowner?

iii. Tina Blum: need to have more standards on front lawn upkeep to ensure

everyone is maintaining a high standard

iv. Would be good to have clarity around rentals in new CC&Rs.  We should

consider combining the annual picnic with annual meeting.  Or if not,

would be nice to have an update on CC&Rs at the annual picnic too.


5. Next Meeting and Transition

a. Tuesday January 8th, 2019 - 8pm at Mike’s (162 Starlight Crest)

b. New Board positions

i. Mike and Janet: Maintenance

ii. Devon: President

iii. Asha: Treasurer

iv. Hanjoo: Secretary


6. Next Newsletter

a. New board members

b. CC&R plan and suggestions

c. Pool update