Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting


12-18-14, 7:30 p.m.

JA’s house


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Derrick Pan (DP), Alex Benderskii (AB), Karen Levin (KL), Sylvia Paz (SP)

Not – John Andraos (JA)


Maintenance Report:

KL reported that the garbage company had complained that the contents of the three large bins in the gardeners’ shed were being mixed so that trash is in the recycle bin, etc.  She will talk to Jose Toribio about this.  DP noted that Allied provides the garbage service and that we have a very low rate of $103/month.  We want to preserve that rate.  KL suggested that the Board should put signs (in English and Spanish) to indicate which bins are for recycling, for trash and for yard waste.

KL advised that the solar panel is ready to be installed in the children’s park; there is a problem with the valves and she is waiting for Jose to return.  The new pool light has been fixed.

AB advised that he had turned off the pool lights for the winter.  He will turn them on again if needed to comply with any applicable regulations.

KL advised that she had turned the irrigation off in all of the parks.  The new Board should remember to turn it on again when it gets hot.

KL has a key to the irrigation box in the pool area; she will pass this on to SP.  Joe Bergen (JB) also has a key.

GG noted that JB had brought up the issue of annual hillside clearing and mulching but that he had not made a proposal to the Board; GG will follow up with JB to request a proposal and timeline.  AB noted that JB had given the Board a spreadsheet last year.  KL said the Board should also get a quote from Jose.  She noted that JB wants to buy plants now.  KL advised that she did not think installing more drip irrigation in these replanted areas would be effective; that irrigation system blocks up and needs constant maintenance.

AB noted that the Hwu family had removed a big pine tree from their front yard.  He asked whether the Board should consider adopting a policy on planting and removal of trees.  SP advised that the tree in question had problems with its roots.   AB said he thought it was removed for aesthetic purposes.  GG pointed out that the Board should be clear on the policy for trees – is removing a tree equivalent to re-landscaping, which requires Board approval?  KL suggested that the Board recommend trees to plant in the area.  She also advised that a neighbor on upper Stardust (not part of the Mesa) had complained about Mesa trees growing into the telephone wires and causing problems with their connection.  She had contacted the phone company, which declined to do anything.  KL noted that these trees are in the Mesa’s common maintenance area and that the Board could have them trimmed.  AB doubted that tree branches near the telephone lines would cause static.

DP raised the issue of maintenance of the culverts that JB had asked about at the annual meeting.  He noted that there was no money in the budget for expensive repairs to the culverts.  AB advised that he has concrete glue left by Glenn Cunningham that can be used.  GG noted that this work had not been done for two years.  KL suggested that a crew be organized to do the work.  AB will do a walkthrough and take notes of what needs to be fixed; he will e-mail the list and organize groups to make the repairs.

GG raised the issue of dog waste in the parks, around the pool and along the street.  AB proposed buying dog waste stations with bags to be placed in several locations.  KL suggested that one should be installed as a test.  KL did not think there is a significant problem in the children’s park or the Putting Green Park.  AB will put it at the entry to the pool area; that will encourage people to use it.  KL advised that there is also a problem along the walk from Mariners View into the pool area and suggested that it be located in the pool area.  AB said that these stations are expensive, about $200 each.  He has checked several vendors; there are only a couple of manufacturers and all of the vendors sell the same devices.   On motion the Board unanimously approved buying one dog waste station and installing it in the pool area as a test.

KL reviewed the status of the gazebo project.  The Board could leave the existing structure and just paint it.  We could put a cloth cover on it.  We could remove the trellis.  She had spoken to an engineer about building a new permanent structure.  The drawings would cost $4500 and permits would be required for construction.  The total cost would be about $25k, which is unrealistic.  A vinyl gazebo would require agreement that a structure of that type is appropriate in the new CC&Rs first.  The existing gazebo will stand for a while longer but replacing it should be a priority.


Treasurer’s Report:

DP reported that the Association had about $40k in its account as of 10-31.  There have been $18k in checks written since then so we have about $21k net.  This will be a heavy dues collection month.  The reserve account is at $46k; we should hit the $62k target at EOY 2015.  Dues collections are generally good, other than the one family that is the subject of the foreclosure action; that family owes $4k.  SP suggested that the Association convert to online banking; DP will talk to Cardinal about that.

DP reviewed the proposal from Cardinal for additional services.  Peter Ryan came at the beginning of the meeting to present the proposal.  KL commented that the proposal did not meet the Association’s needs; we are looking for a handyman who could be available to deal with issues on a regular basis.  Cardinal does not have one available and would just hire someone to do the work for us, which would be more expensive than hiring someone directly.   AB commented that having someone on retainer would be useful in maintenance emergencies.  He agreed that Cardinal’s proposal was not what the Association needed.  GG asked whether the Board should look at replacing Cardinal?  DP said that it had taken a while to get used to working with Cardinal but that they were working well now.  He did not recommend changing management firms now.


KL advised that her neighbors (Dayton Jones) are planning to move.


CCR revisions:

DP advised that he had briefly reviewed the new drafts of the CC&Rs and Bylaws.  GG will schedule a time for the Board members to compare notes on these drafts.



KL reported that SP has agreed to take over her position handling maintenance on the Board.  KL will give her boxes related to maintenance issues to AB.  DP will check on whether new signature cards will be needed for the bank accounts.


Next Meeting

January 26th, 7:30 p.m.

GG house