Minutes of December 17, 2012 Board Meeting,

8:00 p.m. at the home of Tina Blum


Board Members Present: Joe Bergen, Tina Blum, Chari Gilmore and Trang Tran

Guests: Board Member-elect Glenn Cunningham. Resident Kirk Gerbracht.

Board member-elect Glenn Cunningham was welcomed to the meeting and thanked for his willingness to help manage the business of the Mesa neighborhood starting in 2013. Our other newest member Karen Levin will join the first meeting in January.

Resident Kirk Gerbracht spoke to the Board about clarification as to whether he can extend his backyard fence line. The Board advised Mr. Gerbracht we would consider his request when he submits a detailed plan and a licensed survey of his property lines.

Finance Report

In Treasurer <redacated> absence, the November financials were not reviewed.

The Board discussed the need for the Treasurer to meet with Cardinal Management and the third party auditor to finalize the 2012 audit of the 2011 books. Once done, the full review will be distributed to all residents

Cardinal Management has advised the Board the bank handling all Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association financials will switch to Mutual of Omaha Bank starting on January 1, 2013. The switch was made to ensure our banking business does not incur fees. The new mailing address for HOA dues is below:

Cardinal Management Group

1260 Huntington Drive, Ste 104

South Pasadena, CA 91030

Maintenance Report

Sod will be installed in the putting green park on December 27. Park will be closed to everyone for one month to allow for the grass to take root.

Annual Hillside Planting focus for January/February 2013:

Clear and plant approximately half the hillside west of the tennis court. This will involve the installation of a new irrigation zone and the rental of a green waste roll-off for clearing the undesirable plants and weeds. Additionally, ground cover mulch will be delivered to Diamond Point Road and installed on the hill via the Tran yard.

Install a top coat of mulch on the hillside previously planted on Starlane Drive across from the Kim and Gunther homes. Mulch will be delivered to Starlane.

Thinning out the honeysuckle and mulching a portion of the hillside east of the pool park lawn. This item is a multi-year project. The long term objective is to establish spacing between plants for increased fire safety.

Mesa business that occurred between the November and December board meetings

The Board advised a Mesa neighbor that recent changes to the property are not considered in compliance with the proposed plan. The issue is still pending.


Chari Gilmore: SMHOA, Secretary