Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting


12-16-15, 7:30

SP House


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG)(2015/2016), Sylvia Paz (SP)(2015/2016), Derrick Pan (DP)(2015), Brent Tweddle (BT) (2016)

Not present – Alex Benderskii (AB)(2015), John Andraos (JA)(2015/2016), Kirk Gerbracht (KG) (2016)

Also present – Armond Kotikian (AK)




            Renovation requests:


Kotikian house:  AK advised that they were purchasing 265 Starlane (next to their current house) from Ja Wright.  They plan to use it for their family.  They will be renovating the house first.  They plan to replace the garage door with a metal roll-up door with windows – the design is “Stockton.”  They will paint the house a beige color with chocolate trim and gutters and the garage door will be white.  They plan to change the front door from the original double door to a single door.  The wood facing on the front of the house will be replaced with stucco, so that the front will be all stucco.  The back and side windows will be changed, including adjusting the height of one to meet current egress rules.  The Board unanimously approved the proposed renovations.


Former Shahoony house:  GG noted that this house had been sold.  The new owner never contacted the HOA Board although it appeared that extensive renovations were going on at the house.  The Stiticks (next door neighbors) had learned that the owner had not obtained necessary permits and did not seem to be complying with city codes.  GG attempted to contact the new owner; a representative promised that the owner would get in touch with the Board but he had not done so.  GG suggested that the Board demand disclosure of the failure to have the renovations approved during the anticipated resale of the house.


Gas leaks:  SP reported that the gas leak in the sidewalk in from of the Loadvines’ house had been fixed.


Children’s Park:  GG reported that the outer cement circle around the tetherball court in the children’s’ park was cracked and displaced following the recent rains.  SP will get a quote to re-pour this section, along with the quote to re-pour the drainage culvert below the Coates’ house.  BT suggested as an alternative removing the cracked cement.  He also suggested replacing the missing tetherball set in this second tetherball circle too.


Culvert repair:  SP reported that she had climbed down the hillside below the Coates’ house to look at the broken culvert and had provided pictures to the rest of the Board.  The damage did not seem to warrant urgent action.  She will get a quote to repair the culvert.


Security camera along Stardust:  BT reported that he had noticed a security camera and lights in the common area along lower Stardust while walking to work.  GG inquired of the neighbors on Stardust and determined that Lislotte Benoit had installed the lights and camera.  The Board could demand that she remove it, as it was installed without Board approval.  BT suggested that she check with her neighbors to make sure they do not object.  The Board agreed to allow her to leave the camera and security lights, assuming no one along lower Stardust objects.  The Board reserves the right to require her to remove the installation in the future.


Gazebo furniture: DP reported that there are no funds for replacing this furniture now.  The Board will revisit the idea in the summer.


Other maintenance issues:  AB provided the following written report:  he ordered refill dog waste bags for the three waste stations; Jose Toribio completed digging out the trench along the lawn opposite the pool; AB stowed away the pool umbrellas for the winter - in the men’s bathroom at the pool.  SP reported that Jose was on vacation until the first week of January.  Felix left Jose’s staff and was replaced by Marcos.


BT asked about the small plank bridge over the culvert on Lot 93.  Many people walk that way to work at JPL.  He suggested that we look into building something wider/sturdier. SP will ask Jose for a quote.


Treasurer’s Report:


DP reported that as of 10/31 our operating cash balance was $42k, with outstanding checks of $30k, for a net balance of $11.5k.  We will have some collections soon.  The reserve account has ~$60k at EOY.  There are no major expenses anticipated for several months. Delinquencies are the same as before.


GG suggested that the Board might raise fines and interest charges for dues delinquencies.


DP noted that the Board should conduct a reserve study at the end of this year.  In addition, when the new Board is in place, the bank signature cards need to be replaced.



2016 Board Organization:


The Board was advised just prior to the meeting of the resignation of JA as a Board member in light of his pending house sale.  In addition, KG was not able to attend the meeting.  Thus, the 2016 Board members deferred decisions on Board positions for 2016.  DP agreed to continue with the Board to handle the Treasurer role until his successor is appointed.


Next meeting:

            January 20, 2016 (subsequently rescheduled to January 27, 2016)

            7:30 p.m.

            SP house