Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

12-14-16, 7:30 p.m.

SP House


Present: Greg Goeckner (GG), Sylvia Paz (SP), Albert Chang (AC) (2017), Kirk Gerbracht (KG), Cynthia Smither (CS)

Not present: Janet Edberg (JE) (2017), Brent Tweddle (BT)


Renovation requests:


Daisy Yeung solar panels:  GG advised that Daisy Yeung (DY) had submitted the final plans for solar panels on her house.  KG recalled the November Board meeting at which the Board had asked to have the solar panels moved to the back of the house.  GG will check with DY on that request.  If the panels cannot be moved without a loss of greater than 10% in power from the panels, then the Board approves the location of the solar panels as proposed.  [Following the meeting, GG confirmed with DY that she had been advised by the solar power company installing the panels that moving all of the panels to rear of the house would result in a more significant power loss.]




Annual tree trimming program:  SP reported that the annual tree trimming had been completed, and that several dead/diseased trees had been removed.  BT and SP walked around the neighborhood to review and confirm Jose’s recommendations.  He removed 9 trees.  Some of the lower Stardust residents were concerned about the loss of trees in their area.  We will plant more trees in January/February.  Our focus will be on long lasting/disease resistant trees.  We also need to add trees on the hillside above the pool.  We will review areas to plant trees with Jose in January.


Debris removal:  KG reported on his discussions with the neighbor (Deuk Lee) who cut trees on his property and left them on the common hillside area.  He claimed that he had only cut already dead trees on the hillside.  KG had Jose clear the dead trees.  SP noted that Jose reports that this has happened before and that individual neighbors should not be cutting trees (dead or not) in the common maintenance areas.  KG noted that neighbors should let the Board know of maintenance needed and not attempt to remove/trim trees and brush themselves. 


Toribio Contract:  SP reported that Jose’s new contract had been fully signed and she also had received a copy of Jose’s insurance policy.


Junipers along Starlight Crest:  GG reported that the junipers along Starlight Crest at the JPL driveway seemed to be attracting raccoons and other animals. SP will ask Jose to look at it.  CS suggested cutting them back to eliminate the cover for animals.


Children’s Park Renovations:  SP raised the issue of who should take over children’s park work with BT leaving the Board?


Treasurer’s Report:


KG reported that he did not yet have the monthly report from Cardinal.  He will work with AC to hand over the books for 2017.  He will also ask Peter Ryan to send us new signature cards


GG advised that the HOA needs to do a reserve study.  He would prefer to wait until after the parks and pool projects are completed.  He will check to see if there is any flexibility in the timing of such studies.


2017 Board Positions


The Board agreed to the following 2017 positions:


President – CS

Maintenance - SP and JE

Treasurer - AC

Secretary - GG


Next meeting:


            January 19, 2017

            7:30 p.m.

            SP house