Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

 December 13, 2005

At the home of Hank Smither


                        Tina Blum

                        Maynard Morris

                        Hank Smither

Muriel Horacek

Jodie Kendall

Steve Gutierrez, SMG

1.  Steve gave an outline of the duties SMG performs.  They write checks for Board members to sign, send an operating statement to our Treasurer each month, and notify residents who are delinquent in their accounts, following up if necessary with help from the California Lien Service. During escrow for a new resident, they include a copy of CC&R’s and a Mesa telephone directory.  Residents who wish to have a private party at a common area must reserve the date and send a deposit of $50 to SMG.  After one of the Board members informs SMG that the area was properly cleaned up after the party, SMG makes the refund. They also give advice on legal matters concerning homeowners’ associations.  There must be a reserve study every three years.  SMG mails the required disclosures and a proposed budget to homeowners by November 15th each year and also the results of an independent audit of financial operations in the first quarter of each new year.

2. Minutes of the November 8th meeting were approved.

3.  Treasurer’s Report: Maynard estimates that we will end the year with an operating  surplus of $6,000.  There is $53,000 in a CD at Bank America, which is due for renewal February 14, 2006.  80%, or approximately $100,000 of our annual budget of $135,000 is spent on maintenance. 

Necessary actions for the 2006 Board at the January meeting include:

--arrange for a financial audit

--renew maintenance contract with Jose, which expires January 31, 2006

--approve a 2006 budget

It was decided to close our Post Office box since all correspondence should go to SMG.

4.  Maintenance Report:  Tina presented estimates from companies to resurface the pool, and they ranged from $12,000 to over $20,000.  In addition, pool equipment would cost approximately $3,000 more.  She also received an estimate to replace the entire pool deck for $42,390.  Steve and Hank gave her the names of two other pool companies to contact, and she will report on those at the January meeting.

--the chairs for the tennis court are unavailable at this time of year

--the signs for the playground and the “green” were purchased and installed

--at the playground, the fence rails and benches were repaired.  She will ask Jose to paint the benches

--since there is still water in a corner of the tennis court, she will discuss with Jose whether the sprinklers are watering for too long a time

--culverts have been cleaned

Muriel reported that the first gate to the pool has to be raised slightly in order for the lock to engage.  On weekends fast food containers and drink containers, including an empty whisky bottle, have been left in the pool area.  Both bathrooms were unclean, but the gardeners do clean them satisfactorily every Monday. 

After a resident on Mero Lane filed a complaint with the City claiming that roots of two trees on Mesa property were damaging their wall, we received an estimate from Jose of $850 to remove the trees.  We agreed that this be done.

Hank sent a letter to the resident west of our Starlight Mesa entrance wall asking what plans they have for landscaping on their side.  No reply so far.  He will visit them.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 10th at 7:30 PM at Hank Smither’s house.


Respectfully submitted,

Muriel Horacek, Secretary