Minutes of Joint 2009-10 Board Meeting, December 12, 2009

at the home of Muriel Horacek


 Present: ‘09 Board Members Joe Bergen, Muriel Horacek, John Kim, Scott Swanson, Tom  Cwik, and ’10 member Steven Low    

Scott called the meeting to order at 11:15 AM

The minutes of the October 24th Board meeting were approved.

Scott thanked Tom Cwik for his two years’ service on the Board, and for being responsible for the last two Mesa BBQs.  Tom then left the meeting.

Scott welcomed Steven Low to the Board.  It was decided that the ’09 members would retain the same duties in 2010, and Steven Low would replace Tom Cwik on Maintenance.   Joe will document maintenance plans and ongoing duties to assist future board members.

A request for approval for a garage door renovation by James Sinclair of 5205 Diamond Point Roadwas approved.

Scott has asked that the architect submit the plans for the Deuk Lee project to the Mesa Board for official approval.

John will request that The Management Emporium follow up on residents whose dues are in arrears, as it affects our budget. 

The pool house renovation will begin next week, and in the interest of safety to residents and workers it was approved that a $50 fine would be charged to either of the following violations:

1.       Entrance to the pool area (inside the two gates) will be forbidden at all times, 24/7, until further notice.

       2.       The tennis court/gazebo area, the grass area, and the paths leading to them will be closed from 5:00 PM to 6:00 AM until further notice.  Mesa tennis/basketball players, children on the playground, and dog walkers may enjoy those areas during daylight hours only.

It was approved that we issue a new Mesa Directory in 2010.  Muriel will send each homeowner notice of their listing, for their approval.

Joe Bergen reported that the new pool pump and drain covers were installed, in compliance with the Virginia Graham Baker Act.  We will also have an automatic liquid chlorinator, which will  prevent a build-up of conditioner which can contribute to a faster corrosion of the pool pipes.

Five days prior to this meeting, Joe and Scott signed the contract with Brad Coleman Construction to begin the pool house renovation.

Joe brought samples of tiles and the board approved “architectural gray” and “cypress green” for the bathroom floors and wall.  Cost savings on the redesign of the counter area will allow enough money to install lights at each pool gate, which were not in the original plans.  Joe also informed the Board that it is mandatory to have underwater lights on in the pool from dusk to dawn for safety reasons, even though the pool is officially closed at night.

The next meeting of the Board will be on Saturday, January 23rd at 2:00 PM at the pool.

Post meeting, the board approved, by email, changing the floor tile to a pattern of “speckled suede gray” and green.  The wall tiles would match the floor colors without the “speckles”.

On January 8 the Board approved by email the Budget for 2010 Hillside Maintenance Policy Planting, attached.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary