Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

 November 8, 2005

At the home of Tina Blum


                    Tina Blum

                    Maynard Morris

                    Hank Smither

Muriel Horacek


1.  Minutes of the September 20th meeting were approved as corrected.

2.  Treasurer’s Report:

--Projection for year end balance is $6700.

--$2,000 can be put into the Reserve Fund early in 2006

--Balance in Bank of America CD is $53,430.

   Interest earned thus far is $686.

--There is a 90-day CD with approximately ˝% higher interest that we should consider

--The proposed CPA charge for our annual audit is $1100, which the next Board can approve.

3.  Maintenance Report:

 --Tina asked four pool plaster companies for estimates, but only one replied.  Estimate is $11,975.

--Tina reported that an estimate for new pool equipment would total approximately $2500.

--Hank indicated that the deck also needs some minor repairs.

--The “No trespassing, private property” sign at the children’s park is broken.  Muriel will survey if we need any others replaced.  Tina reported that they will cost $46 each. 

--It was recommended and approved to purchase four plastic chairs for the tennis courts, as the others are in poor condition.

--Hank reported on his meeting with the Porters concerning their drainage pipe to Stardust.  It was obvious that their house had settled and it was difficult to drain water to the front as required.  The Board decided to request that they bury the pipe.

--The Reserve Account Audit was done by Tom McCutchan.  A study of the common area assets was last done in 2001.  There are $90,000 in assets, and  $63,000 in reserve that are required for normal replacement schedule.

Maynard doesn’t expect that there will have to be an assessment in 2006.

Maynard presented the Proposed Budget for 2006. 

Jose’s contract has to be renewed in January.

He should be reminded to clean the culverts.


Respectfully submitted,


Muriel Horacek, Secretary