Starlight Mesa

Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

11-29-17, 7:30

DM House


Present – Devon Myers (DM), Albert Chang (AC), Cynthia Smither (CS), Greg Goeckner (GG)

Not – Janet Edberg (JE)

Also – Glenn Cunningham (GC), Fred and Tina Esrailian and Dave DeAngelis (Architect) (FTE), Jose Toribio (JT), Trang Tran (TT), Suchoi Kim (SK)


Renovation requests:


Esrailians’ renovation requests:  FTE presented the plans for renovation of their house at 5204 Diamond Point (formerly Carole Kolla’s house).  They want to add ~390 sq. ft. in the back of house in the form of a single-story addition – 6 ˝’ deep added to the back of the house.  In front they plan to take off the front porch and add a new covered front area.  The house will be a contemporary style.  In the interior, they will move some walls; they are moving the master bedroom to the back of the house.  They will replace the stucco with a smooth finish stucco in La Habra Sandstone color.  The windows will be Marvin Bahama Brown color.  They will retain the existing clay-tile roof.  No windows on the second floor look into neighbors’ houses.  They plan to add one window for a view of the valley and windows on the north side of the first floor; they will install a hedge between the houses there for privacy.  SK pointed out that her bathroom window would face that new window.  FTE added that on the front of the house they would add windows to make the house lighter inside.  TT expressed concerns about privacy with the new windows.  FTE also plan to put in a pool, Jacuzzi and BBQ in the back yard.  No fences will be moved or altered.  There is a low wall ~4’ that they may have to raise to 6’.  The Board approved the renovation proposals.




JT presented a quote for the tree trimming requested by Regina Hsu in the putting green.  There was an issue with watering in the putting green and he adjusted the sprinklers.  GG noted that tree trimming is usually done on a five-year cycle. JT advised that the trees in the putting green are due to be trimmed in the spring of 2018.  FTE noted that there is a dead tree in their front yard; JT will look at it.  The Board approved JT’s proposals for removal of the dead tree.


TT noted that the La Canada fire department paints street numbers on the curbs in town; we should ask them to re-paint the curb numbers in the entire neighborhood


Playground renovation project:


DM reported that JT had provided a bid for removal of the concrete in the children’s park, which was substantially lower than the playground contractor’s bid for that part of the work.  She will go through the playground plans and get an updated bid from the playground contractor.


Treasurer's Report:


AC reported that as of October 31 we had $43k in the operating account and $90k in the reserve account.  The HOA is generally on budget for the year and dues delinquencies are typical.


AC received the reserve study report; it recommends raising our reserves to $115k.


AC suggested that the 2018 budget include funds for community social activities.


Annual meeting - follow up:


The Board reviewed the results of the annual meeting. 


Next meeting date:


            7:30 p.m.

            DM House