Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting


11-23-15, 7:30 p.m.

SP house


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Alex Benderskii (AB), Sylvia Paz (SP)

Not present – Derrick Pan (DP), John Andraos (JA)

Also present – Glenn Cunningham (GC), Stephan Boulanger (SB)




            Renovation requests:


Boulanger renovations - phase 2:  SB reviewed plans for Phase 2 renovations to their house.  They will legalize a balcony, which was permitted as originally built but enclosed in 1985 without a permit.  They are not adding any space to the house footprint and all of the work is in the back.  They will change the layout of several windows and doors. French doors will be added in back.  On the east side they will add a vent for the fireplace and on the west side they will remove the old fireplace.  Finally, they are partitioning the garage/laundry room and adding a door on the west side.  Most of these changes will not be visible from the street or the putting green park.  The Board approved the renovations unanimously.


Iu-Choi Chan light fixtures: GG reviewed Iu-Choi Chan’s request to replace the light fixtures on the front of his house due to damage in the recent burglary.  The new fixtures will be similar in design but a different color.  The Board approved the request unanimously.


Lot 93:  SP requested that the budget for work on Lot 93 be increased to $2700.  Plants are more expensive than anticipated.  This will cover planting 50 1-gallon plants and connecting new irrigation because we were unable to connect to the old irrigation system.  The new plants will only need temporary irrigation until they secure themselves onto the hills. The new irrigation system will be available for the future if we need to plant more plants in the same area, or extend the planting to a wider area. The Board unanimously approved the proposal.  SP noted that the city was fixing the trail grading per our engineer’s recommendations.  The neighbors below Lot 93 on Rupert were working with their own engineers on a possible retaining wall near their houses.


Culvert repair:  SP noted the request by Cardi Coate to repair the damaged culvert below his house.  She is getting a quote for the repairs and will walk the area with Jose Toribio.  GC recommended a concrete contractor for such a quote.


Pool project: GC noted that this would be a significant project for the association.  It needs a comprehensive planning phase during which the community can weigh the design options. SP suggested having a menu of itemized upgrades with costs.  GC noted that the pool is used heavily by families with children. GG suggested establishing a committee to do the design study.  The community should plan to fund part of the costs from the reserve fund and possibly raise the balance with a special assessment.  GC noted that the reserve fund must cover other projects as well, such as rebuilding the steps down to the pool area.  GG will come up with a list of candidates for the pool committee.  GC noted that the prior special assessment was ~$400-500/household for the pool house.


NASA survey – update:  GG advised that he and other property owners adjacent to JPL had received notices that NASA had retained a survey firm to survey the JPL/Mesa boundary.  This will also affect the common lot along the JPL fence along Starlight Crest/Starlight Mesa and including the children’s park and the gardeners’ shed.  He had spoken to the surveyor who advised that the survey would be completed within a couple of weeks and that they would later place markers along the property line.  It is unclear what additional steps NASA will take once the property line is marked.


Other maintenance:  AB noted that he had replaced the missing skimmers in the pool and had installed a new safety plaque as required by code.  He noted that the rest of the pool signs were getting old and should be replaced.  GC advised that he had installed those signs 3-4 years ago.  AB also advised that JY and KS Kim were concerned that the drainage ditch at the back of their house had been filled in over time and may not handle the heavy rains expected this winter.  Jose Toribio will clear it out for $320.  The Board unanimously approved this work.


Treasurer’s Report:


DP was unable to attend the meeting but provided the following written report:  The 10/31/15 operating cash balance was $42,107.82.  Pending checks that have not cleared = $15,741.57, resulting in an available cash balance of $26,366.25 as of today.  The reserve account balance was at $59,783.82.  The reserve balance continues to accumulate.  Delinquencies are generally in check, other than the one household that has not paid dues in several years and that is the subject of a foreclosure action. 


Community Safety:


Community gates proposal:  GG advised that he had contacted the city about the idea to install security gates at the entrances to the Mesa.  He was advised that such community gates are against LCF policies and would be rejected.  We could then appeal that decision but it sounds very unlikely that it would ultimately be approved and it would be expensive, as counsel would likely be required for the process.


Cameras:  SP asked about placing security cameras at the community entrances.  GG advised that these would need power and a computer to record the images.  The lack of power at the community entrances is the biggest issue.


Armed patrol:  GG raised the issue of whether to hire an armed patrol, which has been debated regularly in the past.  GC advised that such a service was hired ~10 years ago but did not last long.  SP suggested getting a revised quote from Post.


Next meeting:


            December 16, 2015

            7:30 p.m.

            SP house