Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association
Board Meeting

11-16-16, 7:30 p.m.

SP House


Present: Kirk Gerbracht (KG), Brent Tweddle (BT), Cynthia Smither (CS), Greg Goeckner (GG), Sylvia Paz (SP)

Also: Daisy Yeung (DY)


Renovation requests:


Grace Kim Pergola:  GG reviewed Grace Kim’s request to install a white pergola on the southwest side of her house at 300 Starlane.  The Board approved the request.


Hiller attic access door: GG reviewed the Hillers’ request to put in a 3x3 attic access door on the northwest side of their house.  It would not be visible from most other houses in the neighborhood.  The Board approved the request, provided that the new door is painted in the same color scheme as the existing house colors.


Daisy Yeung Solar:  DY reviewed her request to install solar panels on the roof of her house at 261 Starlane.  She has not decided on a final plan for the solar panels.  GG noted that the panels cannot extend above the roof line of the house and panels on the back of the house are preferred as they are not visible from the street.  Panels on the garage roof would not be preferred as they would be visible from the street. DY advised that there would be a built-in inverter in one type of solar panel she is considering.  GG asked about the location of the power panel on the house.  DY plans to place it next to the existing house power panel, on the side of the house.  BT asked if it was possible to place the solar panels on the rear of the house.   DY advised that the preferred placement for energy efficiency is a south-facing roof.  SP asked DY to determine if the solar panels can be put on the south side at the back of the house.  GG suggested splitting the panels tentatively shown on the garage roof and putting them on the roof on the rear “wings” of the house.  DY will speak to the solar contractor about placement.  The Board approved the proposed solar installation subject to determination of the location of the solar panels as discussed.  DY will send the Board her final plans.




ALPR Camera proposal:  GG noted the suggestion from one of the neighbors that the Board consider the acquisition of ALPR (license plate reading) cameras.  BT advised that those cameras are $11k each and require a processor that is $7k.  They are mostly installed in police cars and identify stolen cars.  GG noted that the Board continues to receive questions about the installation of security cameras in the neighborhood.  The Board has discussed these proposals multiple times and has determined that they are not practical as they are expensive and most likely will not solve the problem.  CS suggested that the subject be reviewed with the community at the upcoming annual meeting to get a sense of the community’s interest in the subject.


Ring doorbell offer:  GG noted that the Levins had installed a Ring doorbell system and had passed on an offer of a discount on those installations for everyone in the neighborhood.  BT advised that their house had a similar system from a different company.  CS did not believe that the Board should be supporting sales offers like this from individual companies.  The Board agreed.




Finalize Jose Toribio’s contract:  SP advised that the final draft of the new Toribio contract had been circulated to the Board for review.  She had spoken to Jose to confirm that he has the insurance coverage specified in the contract.  She will add specific CPIU language to the agreement.  The Board approved the new agreement.  SP will arrange to have it signed.


Playground renovation project update:  BT reviewed the draft playground renovation plans.  He had prepared a layout with “keep-out” zones around the new equipment – these are safety zones required around specific equipment as specified in their product manuals.  He also had made sure that the new equipment would be installed on our side of the property line with JPL.  And he had fit the equipment in among the existing trees.   The proposal calls for 2 swings instead of the current 3.  The existing concrete would be removed and engineered wood fiber would be used for ground cover.  We have found a good supplier who will supply our area.  We would also remove the climbing structure and tetherball.  We need to get a bid from Jose to remove concrete, etc.  The lower park was surveyed and the new equipment layout doesn’t fit well in that small area, so plans for that park are not yet finalized.   There is a swing-set and climbing equipment in the lower area now.  The neighborhood survey results favored renovating both parks now.  BT will come up with a final plan and circulate it to the Board.


Pool renovation project update:  Glenn Cunningham will show the current pool renovation plan at the annual meeting to get feedback on the details.  The Board discussed plans for transitioning these projects to other Board members/neighbors as BT is now working in NorCal and will not have time to complete them.  BT reported on the most recent meeting of the pool committee.  The group agreed on the baseline scope of work and discussed bidders.  Charles Tran is considering concrete resurfacing for the pool deck.  The fence may be replaced with a Trex fence material – we are waiting to hear from two additional bidders.  The bids for the pool work total $94.6k.  BT suggested using $45k from the reserves and doing a special assessment of $49k in 2017.  This could be combined with any playground assessment.


Other:  SP reported that Jose had replaced the solar irrigation controller near the pool with a 30-line controller for the irrigation lines there.   He moved the existing small controller to the putting green park and connected it to Muriel Horacek’s electric line with her permission. 


SP reported that the annual project to clean out the culverts had been completed.  We are working on removing 3 dead trees and trimming trees now.  She will walk around with Jose to identify trees to be trimmed.  We have a $4k annual budget to pay for that.  GG commented that we do not expect much rain this year and do not anticipate needing to make any special rain preparations as we did last year.


SP reported that the electrician had replaced defective GFIs, lamps, glass for a light fixture and the clock to control the pool lights.  He will also send us a link for parts to replace the defective lights in the putting green park.  GG advised that Alex Benderskii had replaced all of those putting green park lights a couple of years ago.  BT was surprised that the lights were failing so soon; he will look into it.


SP reviewed the situation with trees trimmed by one of the neighbors along Starlane and dumped over the side onto the Starlane hillside common area.  KG said that he went by and talked to that neighbor; he gave them the option to clean it up or to pay Jose to remove the debris.  They agreed to take care of it.  KG will follow up if doesn’t do it by the end of the month.


SP noted that Alex Fan had decided not to put in artificial turf but seemed to be changing his front landscaping.  GG will remind him of the need to get approval for changes to his front landscaping.


Treasurer’s Report:


            Monthly update:  KG has not received the monthly statements from Cardinal yet.


2017 Budget:  KG reported that he is working on a 2017 budget and will talk to Derrick Pan about the budget form he used.


2017 Dues:  KG observed that the Board will need to increase dues to cover increasing costs, including the increased cost of Jose’s new contract.  GG agreed that after several years of flat dues, it is time to raise them; the question is how much.  He noted the willingness of many residents expressed in response to the community survey to pay a lot for improvements to the community areas and facilities.  KG noted that dues are very low in comparison to the services we get.  CS raised the concern about having both a special assessment and raising dues in the same year.  KG suggested that dues should be raised significantly so that we are able to add money to the reserves faster and can avoid future special assessments.  BT agreed that the community needed to understand what they should expect.  We may have a $700/house special assessment in 2017 too.  GG suggested raising dues to $180/month for 2017 and to $200/month in 2018.  He noted that we also need to be sensitive to the impact of raising dues on the retired members of the community.  The Board should raise the issue at the annual meeting to get feedback.


Reserve study:  GG noted that the Board may have to do a reserve study in 2017.  The last one was done in December 2013.  He will check on timing.


Annual Meeting Plans:


GG will prepare a draft agenda and circulate to the Board for review.


Last meeting of year:


GG noted that this will be a transition meeting from the 2016 to the 2017 Board.  The new Board will need to decide on positions for next year.



7:30 p.m.

SP house