The STARLIGHT MESA ANNUAL MEETING was held at La Canada Country Club on November 16, 2011. 
Trang Tran, President, opened the meeting by acknowledging the passing of long-time Mesa resident, Jinny Williams, wife of Porter Williams.
Treasurer Debra Grubb was pleased to announce that there would be no dues increase in 2012.  She reported that most residents were paying their dues on time, except for one resident whose home might soon be in foreclosure due to non-payment of dues for two years. 
Joe Bergen gave a maintenance report.  The re-plumbing of park irrigation systems continues to achieve water conservation.  In light of the increased water rates which we're all experiencing, this conservation has kept the Mesa water bills steady for the last two years and the budgeted amount for water is being reduced in 2012. 
Due to the Hillside Maintenance Policy initiated by the Board several years ago, the cost for brush clearance has decreased.  Hillside areas that have been planted are performing well and water requirements of those areas are reduced, as planned.  The remaining portion of the hill around the pool will be re-planted this winter.
Joe Bergen reported that he is experimenting with three different substances to repair the hillside culverts, and will determine which one is best to continue using.
Joe expressed a desire to make the Mesa known for being a family- and kid-friendly place to live.  He felt the more that is achieved, the better for all of us in terms of quality of life and home value.  Along those lines, he suggested renovating the Children's Park in the coming year.
The new Board will decide whether to replace the underground plumbing at the pool or re-surface the tennis court.  Joe suggested that the tennis court be done in 2012 and the pool plumbing in 2013.  Both projects are contained in the five-year plan with the 2010 Reserve Study.  Both projects can be accomplished without a special assessment if done in consecutive years.
Joe spoke of bigger projects, such as installing solar panels near the tennis court to generate electricity.  He suggested that volunteers from outside the Board could help research and decide larger projects such as that.

Adrian Oesterreich, of Cardinal Management, counted the ballots and announced that the 2012 Board members will be Trang Tran, Joe Bergen, Tina Blum, Chari Gilmore and <redacated>.  Their individual duties will be decided at their first meeting.

There were several questions asked by homeowners:
--Steve Boulanger remarked about the condition of the gazebo.  Joe replied that the Board was aware of the need to improve it and the new Board will take that under consideration.
--Glenn Cunningham noted that in the past the Board has appointed a committee of volunteers to consider improvements, confirming Joe's suggestion.  Glenn also remarked that years ago volunteer parties would gather to do work.  Perhaps something like gazebo improvement could be accomplished by resident volunteers.
--Joe Stitick had a question about the Mesa Reserve Account.  Joe Bergen replied that it is  adequate to take care of projected improvements, such as tennis court resurfacing in 2012 and pool deck resurfacing in 2013.   He also said that it was being funded as suggested in the 2010 Reserve Study.  The Mesa has always had a reserve fund that was not very high in dollar amount, but adequate to deal with emergencies.  If the current plan is followed, after the five years it will be approximately 90% funded.
Please go to our website,, to read Joe's full report, as well as Minutes from the monthly Board meetings and newsletters sent by the Mesa Secretary.
Muriel Horacek, Secretary