Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeownersí Association

Board of Governorsí Meeting

 November 14,  2006

At the home of Muriel Horacek


Present:              Michael Durfee

                        Bill Imbriale

                        Hank Smither

                        Muriel Horacek


  1. Minutes of October 10 Board meeting were approved.
  2. Treasurer:  will not be able to attend Annual Meeting
  3. The SMG contract will be discussed with Steve Gutierrez and signed before the new Board takes over
  4. It was agreed to delay installation of the new sprinkler system at the Main Entrance until 2007
  5. It was reported that no annual inspection of the Mesa sprinklers is done by Jose
  6. The Reserve Study was approved
  7. A lawyer contacted by Steve reported that it is not illegal for a husband and wife to serve on the same Board
  8. It was agreed to invite the newly elected í07 Board members to our December 12th Board meeting at Hank Smitherís home
  9. The Board authorized that Gordon Wood be reimbursed $45.95 for the Mesa webpage annual fee, and $15.98 for the 2-year domain registration
  10. Hank reported that Maynard Morris has agreed to be an Elections Inspector at the Annual Meeting, along with Steve and Julie Gutierrez.


Muriel Horacek, Secretary