Minutes of Board Meeting,

October 6, 2010

7:00 PM at the home of Muriel Horacek (due to rain)


Present:  Board members:  Joe Bergen, John Kim, Steven Low, Muriel Horacek, Scott Swanson

--Minutes from the September 14th meeting were approved.

--Due to the lack of response from a Mesa resident who had agreed to remit $1000 every two weeks after a Notice of Lien was issued, it was approved that a Notice of Default be initiated.

--The budget as presented by Treasurer John Kim was approved.

--After a couple months discussion and several interviews by Board members, Cardinal Management was approved to be the Starlight Mesa HOA management company for financials beginning January 1, 2011.  TMEI would be informed after the annual meeting.

--The re-landscaping of the putting green entrance was postponed due to that area being scheduled for tree trimming in January or February.  Falling tree limbs would damage new and fragile plants.  The pool entrance will be worked on instead.

--During his vacation week Joe will work with hired workers to replace the gardeners’ shed next to the playground on Starlight Mesa Lane.

--The Board received a bill from Patrick Kendall for $248 to replace a window that he claims the Mesa gardeners broke, probably by a rock hit by the mower.  It was decided that Joe would first discuss this with Jose and the gardeners before any action is taken.

--Joe announced that he is preparing a detailed file on hillside planting, maintenance calendar, vendor list, park upgrades and infrastructure upgrades.

Since the September Board meeting, the following actions were approved by email:

--On 9/22/10, all agreed to borrow from our Reserve Fund in order to pay current bills.  The Mesa cash flow is being impacted by those in arrears with dues.

--On 9/22/10 all agreed to remove the sprinkler control from the house at 5201 Starlight Mesa Lane and relocate it on Mesa property using solar power

--On 9/3010 the Board approved to accept payments of $1000 every two weeks from the Mesa resident who has been issued a Notice of Lien.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary